Samsung S23 Dropping Soon? What To Expect? Release Date, Specs, Rumors, and Leaks

Samsung is one of the best Android smartphone manufacturers out there. It has some of the best flagship smartphones that outperformed every other competitor in its category. The phones are pretty impressive in terms of build quality, construction, materials, components, and most importantly, display screen. In addition to this, the chipset packs serious power inside it that makes the smartphone perform really well.

Furthermore, Samsung always comes up with something unique and distinct, which makes it stand out from other smartphones. The curved displays on Samsung smartphones give them a premium feel. Also, the colors are wonderful as they come in different shades to match the user’s personality.

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Samsung S22 Series:

Samsung’s latest S22 series surprised the whole world when it was launched. All of the smartphones have an incredible display with a blazing-fast chipset inside it. These devices have a 3-4 camera setup, which takes detailed, rich, and crisp images and also shoots breathtaking videos with higher frame rates.

Moreover, the S22 series is on the top charts of the smartphone list. According to tech enthusiasts and YouTubers, the phone performs really well in the camera and chipset performance department. It has a massive battery which easily gives one or two days with casual use and casual gaming on the phone. Users can watch high-res videos on it as well.

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S22 series lineup is for the people who want a flagship smartphone that will perform really well and comes with software support of 3-4 years. The new, clean and minimalistic One UI comes pre-installed in the new S22 series lineup. One UI doesn’t have any type of bloatware which makes it convenient for the user.

Samsung S23 Series:

According to the reports that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that Samsung is currently working on the successor of the Samsung S22. The leaks that are present on the internet tell the tech world will be getting the new Samsung S23 in the upcoming year.

As per the rumors, Samsung S23 will come up with a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset. Meanwhile, some reports say that Samsung will be putting an Exynos chipset inside the smartphone. At the moment, nobody is sure about the chipsets because different variants are released for different origins.

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According to the renders, Samsung S23 will boast a 5000 mAh battery which will make it able to pack some serious power from the chipset. For the screen, it will have a 6.5-inch Dynamic AMOLED with a higher refresh rate of 120HZ and HDR10+.

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