Apple Putting The Type-C in iPhones? What To Expect? Leaks, Rumors, and Release Date

Apple is a tech giant with a fortune of trillion dollars. The company always comes up with something unique and innovative. They are always focused on privacy, security, software support, and a better user experience. Apple always does something different and unique to make them stand out from its competitors. They have been using high-end materials and components to provide a better user experience.

Furthermore, Apple rolls out gadgets and wearables for the iPhone. You can sync those gadgets and wearables with your iPhone to get a high, advanced, and maxed-out experience from your Apple iPhone.

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Lightning Connector in iPhones:

Back in 2012, Apple introduced the lightning connector with their iPhone 5. The connector was a revolutionary thing back in the day. It surprised the whole tech world because it was something new for the ports. People were used to USB Type-A at that time. After a while, the company started to put the lightning connector in every product, iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMacs, MacBooks, and other items.

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Throughout the years, lightning connectors started to get normal in every Apple product. Back in 2016, Apple took the 3.5mm headphone jack from iPhone 7 and put the lightning connector as the headset or earphone jack in their new iPhone back in 2016. After that, every iPhone started to come with a lightning port out of the box.

Apple’s wired AirPods have the lightning connector and Apple’s fast chargers too. The reason behind taking off the 3.5mm jack was to cut down the weight as well as keep the phone safe from accidents like dropping the phone in water, etc.

Apple iPhones with Type-C:

According to the reports, Apple is currently working on the Type-C port to put it in their newer iPhones. Some rumors say that they will be taking off the lightning connector and putting the Type-C port. We have already seen accessories from Apple that come up with Type-C, so the chances are getting higher that Apple will be eliminating the lightning connector.

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As per the reports, iPhone 15 will have the Type-C port because some of the regulations are already making the Type-C necessary in their region. The tech giant has to tackle this somehow.

Tech enthusiasts from all over the world have to wait for this change to see which port the newer iPhones will have in them.

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