Intel ARC GPU Prices, Photos, and Benchmarks

According to the reports, Intel is working on the Arc GPU series that will be hitting the computer industry and stores very soon. It is what the gamers always wanted for a long time. This will give gamers the third choice to AMD and NVIDIA once these GPUs get released. We will keep you posted with the information.

Intel is a tech giant that releases chipsets for your personal computers, laptops, and many things related to your data center solutions. They have been in the computer industry for a long time and they have achieved every milestone.

Intel is famous for its processors that have been powering our computers for many years. Their current generation of processors is Alder Lake which is an amazing chipset for people who are into productivity, gaming, and high-rendering stuff.

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Intel Arc:

As per the reports, Intel’s discrete graphics card was known as Xe-HPG, for High-Performance Gaming. You can find the Xe-HPG microarchitecture on the box of this GPU somewhere. Folks at Intel came up with the idea to name this GPU as ‘Arc’ for the branding. Rumors say that this comes from ‘story arcs’ in the games.

The leaks and rumors that surfaced on the internet tell that Intel’s Arc GPU will be having the ray-tracing support inside to compete with its competitors, i.e NVIDIA and AMD. With the latest technology that is coming into the limelight, ray tracing support is a must if Intel is looking forward to competing with NVIDIA and AMD.

More rumors say that these graphics cards will be having the mesh shading tier 2 with pixel sampling. On top of that, they will be DirectX 12 Ultimate-compatible.

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Intel’s Arc GPU will feature XeSS that will compete against NVIDIA’s DLSS. With the XeSS turned on, Arc GPU will use machine learning and temporal feedback techniques to render games at 1080p before increasing it to the resolution of 4K. The company claims that it is possible to run an Unreal Engine demo with no quality loss using the XeSS 4K vs 4K native, while making the frame rates multiplied by two. It will look pretty impressive.

Intel Arc’s Availability and Cost:

As per the reports, Intel’s Arc GPU was going to be released in Q1 of 2022. It is taking a bit long to be released to the general public. Once it gets released, gamers can get their hands on it. There are no release dates right now, so people have to wait until Intel releases the GPUs.

According to the rumors, the cost will be affordable. It won’t be as expensive as its competitors. Intel will drop a grenade on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs’ prices, so the consumers will purchase Arc GPUs.

Gamers can expect this incredible GPU from Intel this year and it will be surely worth the wait.

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