Funny Wifi Names

Do you want to make your Wi-Fi name visible boldly in the network list? Or, are you clueless about what should be the name of your Wi-Fi? Pass through this door to scroll through the best Wi-Fi names. 


I am an amusing personality, my Wi-Fi name should be eccentric! A bit of spice, a pinch of coolness is mandatory. 

Hey buddy, are you of the similar thoughts? But, stuck with the assignment of your Wi-Fi name? I guess you are nodding. That means we have got you right. Don’t you worry, your answer is all prepared. These ready to serve names are all there for you. 

Hang on, we haven’t only cared about entertaining beings. The creative ones will also find their way here. This exquisitely designed article also contains cool and creative Wi-Fi names! 

What’s more squared for you? Plenty of WI-FI names, of course. But, the wonderful news is, you’ll go round the world today and embrace the high-class WI-FI names.

No one is allowed to leave empty-handed from here. Take a chill pill and quote any of these as your ideal Wi-Fi name.

Check FDM http error 403 / 404 / 410 / 416


  1. Spend On Your Own Wi-Fi Bro
  2. I am the Boss here
  3. Sorry, this one is mine
  4. You can’t access here
  5. It’s Wi-Fi, not a hotspot
  6. Hey, plump cheeks
  7. Please don’t connect here. Its already shared
  8. No LAN for you
  9. Look for your own LAN
  10. It’s not secured
  11. Get access, and hacked
  12. Router? What is that
  13. Yeah sure connect, the alarm is all set
  14. Wi-Fi burglar?
  15. The evil eyes are watching you
  16. Ok, pay me the fees tomorrow
  17. Just chill bro
  18. It hurts when someone else connects
  19. Less Wi-Fi more turtle
  20. Non-stop buffering
  21. Do you think I am a free distributor?
  22. W for WI, F for Fi, why my Wi-Fi?
  23. Password is pass-from-here
  24. Viruses loading
  25. I will take it from your bank balance


  1. Does Queen Elizabeth want Wi-Fi?
  2. Dora is EXPLORING for Wi-Fi now?
  3. Hogwarts’s Magic connection
  4. Avengers Assemble, there is a Wi-Fi barrier
  5. Hitler will hit you
  6. Nightingale requesting LAN for night
  7. Messi is about to goal
  8. Searching for Edison’s invented LAN?
  9. Shh, Sherlock Holmes is before you
  10. The battlefield is of Dwayne Johnson
  11. Welcome to the Library of Taylor Swift
  12. Bill gates, the gate of Wi-Fi
  13. Cinderella’s lost LAN
  14. Hehehe… I am Charlie Chaplin
  15. Christopher Columbus on Voyage for a new Wi-Fi
  16. I am modern age Shakespeare
  17. Mark Zuckerberg, why Facebook, why not WI-FI?
  18. I can be Armstrong, but what about a new moon?
  19. From the brushes of GEORGIA O’ KEEFFE
  20. Ask Mother Teresa for free connections
  21. Prince Harry’s cyber cell
  22. I am Muhammad Ali. I am against Wi-Fi sharing
  23. Blind and deaf connection, just like Helen Keller
  24. Thank You, Barack Obama
  25. Pack up! Tom Cruise isn’t in the mood


Creative Wifi Names
Creative Wifi Names
  1. No new entries, please
  2. This WI-FI is HI-FI
  3. 24/7 surveillance bus
  4. Network lab
  6. Dear Wi-Fi
  7. Spelled for the free users
  8. Strictly prohibited
  9. This is a no go area!
  10. Clean your corrupt eyes
  11. Thumbprint required
  12. WI-FI aka the power of soul
  13. ESCORTS will catch you
  14. This network isn’t available
  15. Don’t touch my property
  16. Server is testing
  17. Keep my password secret
  18. WI-FI club Is full of nerds
  19. Hack, hack. Don’t worry, it’s a cough call
  20. The password is …. Dead!
  21. Something is fishy
  22. $2, cost of one day
  23. Drug addict? Or, WI-FI?
  24. Happiness is… preventing you from access
  25. My age is infinite

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Cool Wifi Names
Cool Wifi Names
  1. No logins allowed
  2. Congratulations, you failed this attempt
  3. Life of LAN
  4. Wireless connections in your plate
  5. Breathing since … 
  6. I am LAN, my father is WLAN
  7. You have lost your route
  8. God protects me, and I, my WIFI
  9. Don’t you give up… Na Na Na
  10. Router, can you please be loyal?
  11. Welcome to the World of WLAN
  12. Live on the edge, see the view
  13. Why so high? it’s not your WI-FI
  14. Who’s this?
  15. Salute your courage!
  16. WI-FI Thief alert
  17. 5 problems? Ask LOREAL for a solution, not LAN!
  18. Hey neighbor, don’t you have your own WI-FI?
  19. No sharing of Wife and WI-FI
  20. How about a Hamburger in exchange?
  21. Come on, ROUTER! 
  22. R.I.P: Roll-In-Prevented
  23. MARS have free WI-FI
  24. Hello…Is there anybody?
  25. This network is installed with spyware, Thank you 


  1. It’s not a piece of cake
  2. Cyber net 
  3. From dusk to dawn
  4. Connect on your risk
  5. Don’t try! It’s guarded
  6. Start from the scratch
  7. Get a hacker for this
  8. Hardcore security 
  9. FBI channelized 
  10. I got you!
  11. Click on the back button
  12. it’s not a black Friday sale
  13. NO baby NO
  14. Government property
  15. Say ‘No’ to WI-FI friendship
  16. IP address doesn’t match
  17. Oh, my poor munchkin. 
  18. Life share, yes. WI-FI share, NO!
  19. You’ll remember me for this
  20. Sorry for this time
  21. Server is down
  22. First come first regret
  23. Try some hacking dear
  24. Cheers to ‘Virus’
  25. If you logged in you’ll be…

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These were the best and cool Wi-Fi names. Hope you adored the term and have elected a Wi-Fi name for your newly installed Wi-Fi. 

Wait a minute! Don’t you want to share your pickups with us? Surely, you want to. Go on, and remark your most favorite Wi-Fi name from here!

Also, shatter your creative ideas about the WI-FI names.

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