How To Find My Lost AirPods Case?

Find My Lost AirPods Case

AirPods, Apple’s fantastic innovation, has gained wide attention from Bluetooth earbuds. Airpods arrive with the charging case and are entirely wireless, featuring an in-built sensor that blocks unwanted background sounds. The Airpods include a sensor module on each side that detects if they’re in our ear.

Whenever the Airpods seem to be in the ear, their sensor nodes are blocked, and the Airpods are aware of their presence. The gadgets are connected via Bluetooth. Paired them, a simple double touch just on the tops of the Airpods enables the Apple Assistant Siri, as well as their vocals. It can be activated by saying, “Hey Siri.” One other great feature about this device is that there is a way for you to find your lost airpods case.

Now, will you be at the gymnasium or strolling through the parks as you noticed your AirPods case was missing? The harm is done, and getting it back isn’t going to be simple! It is indeed awful enough that you’ve misplaced your AirPods case without any of the AirPods within it.

You ask yourself, “How do I locate my Earbuds case?” as well as “Where do I locate them?” each time you have difficulty obtaining them. We haven’t been diligent enough with that tiny magic box since it has saved everyone enough time. Now you don’t have to be concerned! If your Earbuds case is lost, we’ll be pleased to assist you in finding it.

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What’s The Best Way Of Finding My Lost AirPods?

To begin, launch the Find My app on your device or PC.Use your Apple ID to log in. Under “My Devices,” you’ll notice the AirPods that were previously linked with your iOS device.

Whenever the AirPods were charged while someone lost them, they appeared inside this section as “Online.” It’s vital to note how they’ll show this notification if they’re within the range of your smartphone and have enough battery life. You’ll get the “Offline” status update if they’re out of reach, not in your AirPods case, or have lost power.

You may view your AirPods’ current position on the map if they’re shown as active and in reach.

You may display AirPods including an online status on a map by tapping them. When a hazy visual clue isn’t enough to help you identify whatever you’re searching for, press the “Play Sound” key, as well as the AirPods will produce a loud popping noise.

 Whenever your AirPods aren’t working, try tapping them to see where they were last seen. It doesn’t always work; instead, you’ll observe your Earbuds icon and an empty map. You’ll go on a treasure hunt if that is indeed the case.

You may follow the beeping, which will become louder as it gets closer to your AirPods.If you discover them, use the on-screen “Turn off the sound Left” & “Turn off the sound Right” keys to silence the popping noise and concentrate with one at a moment unless they are separated.

How Can I track my lost AirPods case?

When you use your AirPods or AirPods Pro with an iPhones, MacBook, or iPad mini that has “Find My” enabled, your iPhone will instantly activate this function for the AirPods as well!

While you misplace your AirPods, if either or both would be out of the box, you might need to Find My AirPods find them when they are within range of the network of any Apple ID-enabled devices (around 10 meters or 30 feet.)

The Find My app assures you where the AirPods already were spotted, actively supporting you with info such as the time and place at which AirPods last linked with one of your gadgets. Unless the AirPods are really out of battery, or if you’re just outside of the Bluetooth range, the Find My app shows you where the AirPods already were spotted.

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What if I misplace my AirPods case?

The Find My application works with the Earbuds themselves, not the charging case, to locate them. Tragically, only the AirPods produce this finding sound; the AirPods case lacks speakers and hence cannot make any sound to assist you in finding it if it goes lost.

Because AirPods have a short battery life, users haven’t enough time to notice if one is gone. When the battery runs out, your Earbuds will no longer beep or give you any new GPS location. Your AirPods must be connected to your Apple device, another iPhone, or Macbook; use the same iCloud account for Find My AirPods to work.

That implies that while your AirPods have been in the AirPods box, Find My AirPods will not operate. Consequently, if you misplace your AirPods while they’re still in your Case, Find My AirPods won’t assist you right now.

AirPods with case
AirPods with case

How to find my AirPods case only?

You might need a little luck in this situation. Tracing your AirPods case follows the same steps as the last one. Sadly, you will not be capable of playing any voice this time, so we have a plan.

  • On your phone, click the “Find my iPhone” application.
  • A list of all the associated devices may be seen.  By this list, choose your AirPods.
  • If a green led appears next to your AirPods, it implies the case is close.
  • Furthermore, if it has a grey sign next to it, this is out of reach. If the AirPods case is dead, follow the methods above. Thus, it will lose it permanently.

However, there is not much you can do other than this as you can find the Airpods but there is nothing you can do with “Find My App” to find your lost Airpods case.

Can I find my AirPods case if they are not appearing on “Find My AirPods?”

It’s simple to track down a misplaced AirPod as long as that is out of the case, fully charged, but also close enough to the iPhone. Even if the AirPods are not short-range for your iPhone to make a sound, users will still be able to see the last times the phone connected to them.

You can receive instructions to their most recent known position, whereby your phone will hopefully locate them and make a sound.

  • Use Tile or perhaps a similar program (wireless vital finders.)
  • Tile seems to be a little gadget that you can connect to the Airpods case and track the case’s position with the Tile Application.

Why not just use Tile with our AirPod cases? 

Most of us currently use it for the keys. The point is equal in size to the AirPod case. Tile makes and markets its adhesive. Such third-party devices come with batteries that could last up more than a year without recharging.

They also offer a more extended Bluetooth connectivity as AirPods, reaching up to 100 feet on typical. Furthermore, Tile and Tracker will either beep, play a melody, or brighten up (depending on the maker and model). They also provide iPhone and iOS applications to assist you in locating your belongings.

Once you’re beyond the range of the network, you even have crowdsourced position sourcing to help you recover misplaced objects.

How to find my AirPods case if it’s dead?

Because AirPods without a battery can’t make a connection, Find My Network won’t be possible to ascertain their present position. Because AirPods may be monitored independently, if both are lost and one is still charging, it may be feasible to locate the other by using the position of the one that is still charging.

Similarly, if one or both had a change recently, the user may probably be shown their last known place. In certain circumstances, this may be sufficient to locate the missing AirPods.

That option may have become inaccessible after a certain period has passed, resulting in an “offline” notice instead. If this is the case, iOS will be unable to assist in retrieving the earphones, leaving the consumer to depend on even more traditional techniques, including physically searching for such earbuds.

However, if no location for the AirPods is obtainable and the customer would be unable to locate them after searching independently, purchasing a replacement AirPod or pairs is probably the only solution.

It may not be evident that users will use the Find My app to chase down something more than the phone or tablet, and it is feasible and — in the appropriate conditions — useful.

How to Find Your AirPods Case With Your AirPods in Them

While there is not much you can do if you have only lost your AirPods case, but you might be lucky if you have lost your case with the AirPods in them. You will have more than one option and ways to find your lost AirPods case with your AirPods in them.

The Direction Feature

The direction feature is a good way of finding your AirPods case, if your AirPods are in them. Using this feature, it will direct you where your AirPods are

How to find my AirPods case with a serial number?

 We’ve got some awful news for you. A serial number will not help you locate the AirPods case.

The first and only action you could do with the serial number is to use it to acquire a replacement. Using the serial number, you may approach the Apple store and negotiate for restoration for a charge.

There are different ways to use the feature. One where the case is open and the other where the case is closed. How? Let us show you below how it works

  • How to find AirPods case if its open: If the case is open the your AirPods will give a signal and will appear online which will help you find them quicker
  • How to find AirPods case if its close: AirPods case enter charging mode in this scenario hence will not emit any signal and will only appear on the direction feature as per there last location. Any movement made after that will be unknown and all other features such as “Play sound” or “Nearby” are unable in Find My App.

Can we trace our misplaced AirPods Case with AirPods in them?

Because your AirPods won’t make a sound when in this case, you’re out of luck if you misplace both the AirPods and the case. It appears as there is no alternate method for checking the AirPods case; however, since Find My AirPods requires a Bluetooth association, it was impossible to track down a lost pair.

Steps To Find Lost Airpods Case With Your Airpods in them

  • Launch your Find My App on your Apple/iOS device
Find My App
  • You will then find a devices tab in your application, under that tab find your AirPods. Like here for example
Find My App Devices Tab
  • You will be able to see the last location of your AirPods where they were last active and open.
  • If your case is open you can always use the “play sound” feature to locate them easily

Using Lost Mode

Released with iOS 15 where you can search through the entire iOS device network unlike the direction feature where you can only use your own device.

It works in a very systematic way. Once you your Airpods are lost with your Airpods in them and you engage Lost Mode, all iOS devices & Phones will start to conduct the search that are in the network.

Once your Airpods and its case are located you will be given their location on your device. Again, this and the direction feature are only useful if the AirPods are lost with the case.

Steps to use Lost Mode for your Lost AirPods case with AirPods inside them

  • Open the find my app in your iOS device
Find my app
  • Go to the devices tab in the application
find my app devices
  • Select your AirPods
  • Under the Mark As Lost section tab Activate & Tap Continue

You can also add your phone number and email to receive the notification if your device is found via this feature and then again activate the Lost Mode.

How to find my AirPods case without my iPhone?

It is indeed irritating even before you can’t find your iPhone or AirPods. You may rely on your pc in such instances. Follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Go to and search for “Find My iPhone.”
  • Log in to the account using your Apple ID (if you have several ids, pick the one associated with your AirPods).
  • Put in your Apple ID and password.
  • Go to “All Devices,” then choose your AirPods.
  • The very last location may be found under each device.

On the off chance that my AirPods case isn’t appearing ready, “Track down My iPhone,” What is a good idea for me to respond? We’re sorry to tell you this, but your AirPods have vanished from the “Find My iPhone” application.

It means your AirPods case is no longer in range. As a result, Bluetooth connectivity is not feasible. The location where the AirPods were last linked will still be displayed in the app. It didn’t even show the specific position; instead, they’ll give you a general sense of where you misplaced them. 

What if I’m unable to locate my AirPods Case?

Have the serial number and call Apple Support for a substitute when you still didn’t locate your AirPod or Charging case or when something is broken.

How to replace my AirPods?

If you need to replace either Earbud or change the case due to physical damage, you can do so for the cost. You’ll only have to pay an AppleCare+ service charge for each incident, while AppleCare+ protects your AirPods for Headphones.

The limitations tend to be a bit unique for individuals who have AirPods Max. The iPhone can discover your AirPods Max lasting up to 18 hours if they’re in the case. You’ll possess 72 hours to reconnect to all of them and trigger the sound when they’re not in the intelligent case. You can read more guides about AirPods on our website.

Is it true that if I lose my Earbuds charging Case, Apple will replace it for free?

Tragically, nope. According to Apple, if anyone misplaces the Airpods case, users will be billed a replacement cost. The iPhone Limited Warranty only covers a damaged battery but does not include regular wear and tear or the loss of your case.

sad emoji

If you didn’t locate the AirPod or Charging Case, or when something is broken, obtain the serial number and approach Apple Support for a replacement.

What occurs if the case for my AirPods is stolen? Is it workable for somebody to use them?

Even if you already have to Find My activated, if you lose your Airpods (one, both, or case and all) or fear they have been stolen, the user who now has them can reconfigure and link them with their Apple device or computer.

“For the AirPods, there’s no “iCloud lock” as well as “lost mode.”

As a result, after someone updates them and links them with another device, they appear in Find My app under that user’s Apple ID, and one’s location would not be seen under your devices.

Whenever a couple of AirPods is reset, the Apple ID they were previously associated with is immediately disconnected. It means you won’t be able to get the AirPods to make the popping noise; the location won’t update to where they’re now at, and you won’t be able to track them even if they’re nearby but within reach once they’ve paired with a fresh “owner.”

Final Thoughts

It’s a nightmare if you lose your AirPods or the AirPods case. To begin with, you should use caution to prevent them from falling. Children frequently misplace AirPods. The separate question is, “Is it appropriate for either of them to operate AirPods at all?”

We like Apple’s “Find My iPhone” function, but it’s incredibly crucial to the drawbacks. It’s virtually hard to have your AirPods or AirPods original case once they’ve gone from our range.

If you misplace the AirPods case, you’ll be annoyed since you’ll need to replace it immediately if you want the AirPods to work. You also can’t ignore the replacement cost Apple would levy on you. Apple, as a forerunner, should provide a function that allows you to locate your AirPods case without the AirPods inside.

In this post, we’ve shown you how to locate your AirPods case if they’ve gone misplaced. Whether this has already occurred to you, tell us about it in the comments section below, and then let us understand what you’d like to hear from us next.

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