China Could Cripple US Economy, Military Warns Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt


As some reports by a US think tank, it tells that the US economy could be crippling in the future.

US Economy Could Be Crippled:

According to some of the reports that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that the US economy is on the verge of getting crippled. Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, leads a US think tank, in which they did research on the economy and the current ongoing situation of this world. He raised alarm bells about China’s potential that would make them win the tech race while crippling the US economy and military.

The report has the title of ‘Mid-Decade Challenges to National Competitiveness’. It was prepared by the think tank Special Competitive Studies Project (SCMP). It was for over a 10-month period which was created until Aug 2022. During this timeframe, there were four board meetings and 26-panel meetings, which were held with more than 225 experts, including ‘the govt. Officials, technologists, academic leaders.’

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The conclusion was well worth reading and suggests that microelectronics, artificial intelligence and 5G are ‘doomed technologies’ for the US by 2030.

The report reads that these three technology areas ‘tell the story of a nation (and its allies) dangerously and unwittingly close to abandoning the strategic technology landscape and with it the ability to shape the future.’ It is all because the US economy, society, and national security all are dependable on them. China is dominant in all of these areas, and it is seen as so dangerous.

The US govt is taking a much harder line on China. The access to advanced technology this year, as it was reported by The Register, this new report will clear much stuff for you.

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