10 Best CPU cooler for i9 9900k -Thorough Analysis

Best CPU cooler for i9 9900k

Wondering which is the best CPU cooler for an i9 9900k processor? Follow the article below to get the best suggestion according to your aptitude. 


The i9-9900k has the most powerful, updated, and fastest processor available in the market till now. I9 9900k is the leading CPU in the 9th generation core series. There are many unusual features in this CPU like the 14nm manufacturing process. The octa-core processor of the i9 9900k features a 16MB cache and has 16 threads. 

The base clock speed of the processor is 3.6 GHZ and it has a turbo boost frequency of 5GHZ. With all these exceptional features it wouldn’t be wrong to say that i9-9900k is the best CPU for gamers. The only drawback of the i9 9900k is its powerful processor that tends to heat up fast. If you are a pro gamer that is using i9-9900k and you are looking for the best CPU cooler for i9-9900k then you are at the right place. I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the 10 best CPU cooler for i9 9900k.

CPU comes in different shapes and sizes some are sleeker, small, and thin at some time some are robust and sturdier. Some costs more, few are reasonable, others have high proficiency and some exist with better noise management. In short, there is a large number of CPU coolers available in the market, and it is quite difficult to make the right choice.

We will guide you comprehensively so that you would be able to choose the best cooler for your i9-9900k that would work proficiently to maintain the temperature of the CPU. By using these CPU coolers you can maximize the performance of your processor. 

Which is the best CPU cooler for i9 9900k? Air cooler or liquid cooler?

When it comes to CPU coolers there are two basic types. One is the air cooler and the second one is the liquid CPU cooler. The choice of either liquid or air CPU cooler can be made by looking at the task and the load of work you are going to put on your processor. For instance, playing AAAA+ video games with high resolution and refresh rate and at the same time the heavy graphic art of the game will toast your i9 9900k, so you need to choose a proficient CPU cooler for your i9 9900k. You can easily choose by looking at the following facts.

Air cooler for CPU

The air coolers for the CPU are the ancient ones. The air cooler consists of two main components: heat sink and heat pipes. Heat pipes move the heat from the base of the cooler to the heat sink. From the heat sink, heat is expelled out into the air with the help of an airflow system and fans. 

Liquid cooler for CPU

The liquid CPU cooler is not an old innovation. Liquid coolers have tubes in place of heat pipes. These tubes are filled with thermally conductive liquid that surrounds the CPU. The liquid CPU cooler constantly moves the cooler liquid in the CPU and pumps out the hot liquid that is cooled by the radiators before pumping it back. This process keeps the CPU cool. 

Both the liquid CPU cooler and the air CPU cooler when properly installed are highly effective tools to maintain the temperature of your i9 9900k. But there are different factors to consider in diverse circumstances. 

Price: The price is one of the most important factors. Generally speaking, air cooler cost much less than liquid coolers. Also, both have premium and entry levels depending upon their advanced features. 

Size: Air CPU cooler can be bulky but it would be limited to one area only. While on the other hand, for a liquid air cooler you need to have a separate space for the radiator and there are also issues of maintaining proper orientation of the coolant tubes and radiator. So, maintaining an air cooler would be easier.

Sound: A CPU cooler is prone to create a high pitched irritating sound while operating. The sound is due to the high speed of the fans. If you are looking for a silent CPU cooler for i9 9900k then a liquid CPU cooler is the best choice for you. Air CPU coolers are noisy, although the innovations have lessened the noise to a level still the silent working feature of the liquid cooler cannot be overlooked. 

It is a common belief that a liquid CPU cooler is better than an Air CPU cooler but it is not always the case. Different tests have shown that some air coolers can surpass the speed of liquid coolers. 

To save you from the headache of choosing the best CPU cooler for your i9 9900k we are going to provide you with the complete details of some best cooling solutions for i9-9900k.

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Universal CPU cooler socket

Most of the CPU coolers that are available in the market are compatible with the traditional sockets. Some models are built for specific sockets. Make sure to check the sockets to make a decision. 

Noctua NH-D15Check price
Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4Check price
Cooler Master V8 GTSCheck price
Cooler Master Hyper 212Check price
Thermalright Le Grand Macho RTCheck price
NXZT Kraken X62 AIO liquid coolerCheck price
Corsair hydro series H150i pro AIO Liquid coolerCheck price
EVGA CLC 280 All in one liquid coolerCheck price
Artict Liquid freezer II 240Check price
DEEPCOOL Captain 360EXCheck price

List of the Best CPU cooler for i9-9900k

Our list of the best CPU cooler for i9 9900k will surely help you to choose the best CPU cooler for you.

Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15 Premium CPU Cooler with NF-A15 x 2 PWM Retail Cooling Fans  for sale online | eBay
Noctua NH-D15

The number one cooling solution for your i9-9900k is the air cooler of Noctua NH-D15. Noctua is one of the trust’s worthy names for years for the production of the CPU coolers. Noctua has provided one of the best CPU coolers in the form of NH-D15 for i9 9900k. The pairing of the NH-D15 with the i9 9900k is the best one due to several reasons, the first and foremost is the performance of this fan is incredible. And, the dual tower design of the fan works immediately to bring the temperature down.

The second best feature of this cooler is that the working proficiency of the CPU cooler is so high that it can compete with the liquid CPU cooling system. Additionally, the NH-D15 is made of fine material, and also it is one of the quietest CPU coolers in the market. Another best feature of the NH-D15 is that it is easy to install. Anybody can easily install it with a little assistance.

If you want to overclock your processor, and the gamers who want to maximize the potential of their processor then NH-D15 is an ideal choice for you. Though the cooler fan is a bit costly, the amazing performance of the cooler is worth your money.


Fan size140mm  × 2
Fan speed300-1500 RPM
Cooler height165mm
Heat pipes6
Noise level24.6dBA
The material of the coolerAluminum & Pure copper nickel painting


  • Very quiet operation
  • A perfect airflow management
  • Provides immediate cooling process
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable warranty
  • Best for the heavy workloads


  • The size of the CPU cooler is quite large.
  • It is a bit costly.

Be quiet Dark Rock Pro 4

DARK ROCK PRO 4 silent high-end Air coolers from be quiet!
Be quiet Dark Rock Pro 4

Dark rock pro 4 from the Be Quiet is the best choice for people who are looking for a noiseless environment with high cooling performance. Dark Rock Pro 4 is quieter than the Noctua even operating at high speed. The sleek, beautiful design and the high working performance makes Dark Rock Pro one of the best choices. 

The huge Dark Rock pro consists of seven copper heat pipes that dissipate heat into tall twin cooling towers and into the heat caps that are made up of aluminum. In addition to two fans, an extra fan is provided, so users can install it with the help of clips if needed. The open design of the cooling fins accommodates a large amount of air in the pipe and maximizes heat dissipation at the same time. The subtle design of the fans maintains low noise while operating at high speed.

If you are looking for the silent partner of your i9-9900k then Dark Rock Pro is the best choice for you. This cooler not only whispers quietly but also has a high capacity to dissipate heat. With all the best qualities this unit might not be as proficient as Noctua but still, it is one of the best CPU coolers for your i9-9900k. 


Fan size12mm
Fan speed2000RPM
Noise level24dBA
Total heat pipes7
Material of coolerCopper and aluminum


  • Perfect design for noise-free airflow
  • The design is super fine
  • Excellent performance
  • Reliable warranty of five years
  • Enticing black steel appearance


  • The installation process is complex
  • The size of the cooler is quite large
  • Bit expensive

Cooler Master V8 GTS

Cooler Master V8 GTS

The massive Cooler Master V8 GTS is also one of the best coolers for i9-9900k in 2020. This CPU cooler has a monstrous cooling system that consists of eight cooling pipes that help to minimize the CPU`s hotspots, a triple tower heatsink that helps to maximize the cooling process. The monstrous cooling system is also provided with a horizontal vapor chamber that lessens the production of heat and maintains a lower temperature of CPU.

Vapor chamber is the latest innovation in the Cooler Master specifically for the processors like i9-9900k. It helps to spread heat 8 times faster than the heat pipes. Also, it balances heat loads among all heat pipes preventing the overheating of pipes, and maintains a lower CPU temperature. Furthermore, the fan speed of the Cooler Master is adjustable. You can easily select the fan speed according to your workload and environmental conditions. 

The aggressive design of this model fits in well with your gaming rig. The red LED lights of the cooler make its design even more inviting.

In the end, we would say that Cooler Master V8 GTS is an above-average air cooler for i9-9900k with an incredibly good design. Its enticing black and red combination can give perfect shape to your gaming rig. 

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Fan size2 X 1400mm
Fan speed1600RPM
Cooler height166.5 mm
Noise level16-36 dBA
Total fansEight
Vapor chamberA horizontal vapor chamber is present


  • Outstanding cooling potential
  • Magnificent design
  • Vapor chamber extracts heats from the heated CPU proficiently 
  • Warranty is available


  • A bit noisy while operating at high speed
  • Complex mounting procedure
  • The sturdy design is not portable.

Cooler Master Hyper 212

Cooler Master Hyper 212

Cooler Master Hyper 212 is the best value for your money. If you are looking for a reliable CPU cooler for your i9 9900k that can provide well-balanced cooling function at a reasonable price then cooler master Hyper 212 is the best option for you. Although the price of the product is quite reasonable, yet there is no compromise on quality, the quality of the cooler is equally cool. 

Cooler Master accommodates four cooling pipes in it that work skillfully to dissipate the heat of the CPU and maintain the lowest possible temperature. Moreover, the fans are designed in a unique wave-shaped that provides outstanding airflow. The Hyper 212 features CDC (Continuous Direct Contact) technology creates the best sleek surface for heat conduction. This feature of the cooler acts as a virtual vapor chamber and helps to dispel heat faster.

The prominent features of the cooler like the fine quality material, reliable working stamina, affordable price, and beautiful design have ranked the Cooler master Hyper 212 in the list of the best CPU coolers of 2020. The product has attracted many customers with its affordable price range and also with it’s of the best quality. This cooler is user friendly, the speed of the fans can be easily controlled. 


Fan speed600-1600 RPM
Fan size25 x 125mm
Noise level9-36 dBA depending upon the speed
Total heat pipes4
The material of the finsAluminum 


  • Most reasonable priced product
  • Reliable material with a longer shelf life
  • Maximum cooling quality
  • The LED system can make the best ring with your i9 9900k CPU
  • Easy installation


  • The voice of the fans becomes louder at high speed
  • Quality of the product is not so exceptional
  • Instructions on the manual are difficult to understand

Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT

Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT

Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT is an overall good choice CPU cooler for i9 9900k. Although not as perfect as Notchu but Grand Macho RT is also a versatile CPU cooler with the most affordable price. The air cooler works without making much noise and at the same time, it provides excellent RAM clearance, both of these qualities make Thermalright a worthwhile product. 

This CPU cooler has a 140mm TY-147B fan that provides excellent airflow and maintains a low working sound. The cooler has robust machinery of the seven copper heat pipes and a large heatsink, the offset pattern of the heatsink allows more RAM clearance and stability. The proficient cooling system of this air cooler and the high TDP allows you to enjoy the overclock gaming experience with i9 9900k. All these magnificent qualities and the black nickel color of Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT makes it one of the best cooling solutions for i9 9900k.

The perfect heatsink system of the cooler, low working noise, beautiful design, and affordable price make Thermalright a top pick without any doubt. You should go for it if you are looking for a versatile CPU cooler for i9 9900k.



Fan speed300-1300 RPM
Fan size1400mm x 1
Total pipes7 copper heat pipes
Noise level20 dBA
Cooler height 159mm


  • Affordable price
  • Very less working noise
  • Best cooling performance
  • Nickel plate heating tubes to prevent rusting
  • A stunning design to accompany your ring
  • Easy installation


  • Only one year warranty
  • The robust size of the cooler might not be preferable for many.

NXZT Kraken X62 AIO liquid cooler

NZXT Kraken X62 All-in-One CPU Liquid Cooling System Cooling, Black |  RL-KRX62-02 – Bright Zone
NXZT Kraken X62 AIO liquid cooler

NXZT Kraken X62 AIO liquid cooler is all in one CPU cooler. If you want to enjoy an uninterrupted performance of your i9 9900k and want to overclock the processor to 5GHz on every core without facing any choke then you don’t need to look anywhere. NXZT Kraken X62 AIO liquid cooler is the best choice for you. 

The cooler has a 360 radiator and three Aer fans are present in this masterpiece liquid cooler. According to the NXZT, the fans of the cooler can run up to 2000 rotations per minute. This is an incredible speed, so it provides impeccable heat dissipation. In terms of noise, the CPU cooler is pretty much impressive. The noise range is about 21-38 Dba even at an exceptional speed of 500-1800 RPM. Considering the high speed of the fans performs quite silently. 

The most impressive and alluring feature of the CPU cooler is yet to disclose. The Kraken X72 came with the software control “NXZT CAM user interface software”. This software provides all the customized options to the user. By using this software on the mobile or PC you can easily monitor the speed of the fans, check the temperature of the liquid and you can also make the change instantly. Along with the best performance, the durability of the cooler is also no less. 

The body is strengthened by the nylon sleeves and to protect the body from the damage it is shielded by the rubber tubing. The NXZT Kraken X62 is one of the finest AIO in the market. A large and effective radiator that boosts the pump and effective heat dissipation made this CPU cooler the best choice for i9 9900k. We would recommend that if you could afford it then definitely go for this CPU cooler.


Fan size1400mm × 2
Radiator size280mm
Fan speed500-1800 RPM
Pump speed1600-1800 ROM
Pump specificationSilent, custom control, and manual


  • Customize cooling control with the CAM software
  • Outstanding performance
  • Durable
  • Robust warranty of six years
  • Best lightening mode to give an esthetic look


  • Cost Is high
  • Some may find difficulties while installing.

Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO AIO Liquid Cooler

Corsair Hydro Series, H150i PRO RGB, 360mm. 3 X 120mm ML PWM Fans, Advanced  RGB Lighting & Fan Control w/ Software. Liquid CPU Cooler. CW-9060031-WW.  Support: Intel 2066, AMD AM4. - Newegg.com
Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO AIO Liquid Cooler

Many best CPU coolers have already been explained but this CPU cooler is far from being the best. The CPU cooler is exceptional. I would say that the Hydro series H150i is the perfect mate for your i9 9900k processor. The Corsair Hydro Series H150i does a very impressive job of keeping the temperament of the i9 9900k down. A stock cooler is the best choice for your i9 9900k if you are looking for the overclocking past 5GHz. 

The CPU has the ML series magnetic levitation fan that provides adequate airflow to the i9 9900k processor to keep the temperature down creating much disturbance and noise. The fans can rotate at the speed of about 1500 rotations per minute. 

The setup of the CPU cooler is quite bulky, but if your processor can withstand it then you should certainly go for it. The setup comes with the customize options of controlling the lighting and also you can control individual fans, you can also operate them separately according to your need. H150i is one of the best CPU coolers. The only limiting factor of the product is its high cost.


Size 360mm
Number of fans3
Noise level25dBA
Lightening technologyRGB


  • Magnetic levitation improves fan speed
  • Low noise
  • Lightening matches the backlit pump head
  • Software control


  • Cost is high

EVGA CLC 280 All in one liquid cooler

EVGA CLC 280 Liquid CPU Cooler
EVGA CLC 280 All in one liquid cooler

EVGA CLCL has been providing air and liquid coolers to gamers for decades but EVGA CLC 280 has truly superseded all of the previous product. EVGA CLC 280 is truly the best work in the company. As the name is indicating EVGA CLG 280 is all in one liquid cooler.

EVGA CLC is one of the best liquid coolers for the i9 9900k because of its extremely high speed controlling system that keeps the temperature of the i9 9900k down even while overclocking. The liquid cooler provides you the control of incredible software. This software gives you command over the noise and robust performance.

If you are not looking for a showpiece or a well-shaped cooler for your i9 9900k then EVGA CLC 280 is the best liquid cooler for your i9 9900k. This amazing liquid cooler is a classic piece of technology. It uses a 9 pin USB 2.0 header cable to connect with the motherboard. For high duty demand, EVGA CLC 280 is a perfect choice.

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Noise level39.5 dBA
Cooler typeLiquid 
Fan height280mm
Fan speed2200RPM
Fan size140mm


  • Best performance at low noise
  • Excellent cooling score
  • Easy to assemble
  • Software control
  • Great warranty
  • Great voltage regulator cooling


  • Can be a bit noisy while overclocking only
  • Costly as compared to other products
  • Not as effective as a custom liquid loop

Artict liquid freezer II 240

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 - Liquid Cooling System | Alzashop.com
Artict liquid freezer II 240

Arctic liquid freezer II 240 offers the best performance. It is one of the best liquid coolers for i9 9900k which has a reasonable price. The liquid cooler offers a much lesser price as compared to the competitors. Despite the low price the quality of the liquid cooler is amazing, it has an efficient pump, cooler plates, and radiator. Another feature that makes this product exceptional is that it can be operated at a lower voltage there is very less CPU cooler that can work on low voltage.

The pump of the liquid CPU cooler is PWM controlled which leads to very little noise production. As explained that the cooler can work on low power so, this cooler will provide you with dual benefits. First is a lesser cost, and secondly, it reduces electricity consumption.

Another best feature of the product is the Motherboard cooling fan. Yes! You would be amazed to know that the cooler provides a separate fan to cool the motherboard`s VRM chips. This prevents overheating while overclocking.


Number of fans: 22
Noise level39.5 dBA
Max fan speed2200RPM


  • Affordable 
  • Create less noise
  • Best speed of the fan
  • Provides proficient cooling
  • Best sleek design


  • Not much reliable
  • Less warranty

DEEPCOOL Captain 360EX

Deepcool CAPTAIN 360 EX RGB Now Available in White
DEEPCOOL Captain 360EX

DEEPCOOL captain has stepped recently in the market of CPU coolers. Initially, the company used to deal with the server and the desktop cooler. The debut product of the company in the market of the CPU cooler is quite amazing. The best product among all is the Captain 360EX that is all in one cooler. The company offers an amazingly stylish CPU cooler with high efficiency, and also at less price as compared to competitors. The performance might not be record-breaking but it is still pretty much impressive.

The Captain 360EX CPU cooler includes 360 radiators, Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB), a PWM fan, fan blades, and a pump. The unique TF 120 double-blade fan proposes high air pressure that helps in the heat take away. Captain 360EX is one of the best liquid CPU coolers for i9 9900k but avoids using it for much overclocking. However, it can bear heavy loads but as compared to other liquid CPU coolers, this cooler might be less proficient. 


Pump speed2550 RPM
Pump speed17.8 dBA
Pump noiseAddressable RGB LED
Tube length465 mm


  • Affordable
  • Less noise
  • High air pressure for maintaining a low temperature
  • Impressive look


  • Less efficient than the competitors
  • Less warranty

Buyer’s guide

If you are a naïve person who is looking to buy a CPU cooler for your i9 9900k you may face difficulty to choose one appropriate cooler for your processor. Here are some buyer’s guides that will make you able to choose the best CPU cooler. 

  1. The first and foremost thing is to check the compatibility, check the socket type of your motherboard then choose a compatible cooler.
  2. The next important point to consider is to look at the number of fans. More fans mean better cooling services.
  3. Choose a cooler that has good quality software so, it can control RGB setting effectively
  4. If you are going to use your processor for strengthening and overclocking purposes then go for the liquid CPU cooler. 
  5. Just make sure to know your needs and then choose a model

Maintenance of CPU cooler

If you manage your CPU cooler properly then you need not work properly for the maintenance. Set your system correctly. Manage the cables properly, it would be enough for the maintenance.

Why i9 9900k needs a CPU cooler

I9 9900k is the most powerful processor. This processor is undoubtedly the best for gamers. Gamers often overclock their processors. Overclocking can produce a lot of heat. Heat is poison for your computer components, and unmanaged heating of your i9 9900k can affect its shelf life and can also affect the working performance of the processor. So, your i9 9900k processor needs a CPU cooler for maintaining the best quality of your processor for a long time and also to provide you with the best-uninterrupted gaming experience. 


If you are looking for a CPU cooler either liquid or air, the above list of the CPU cooler contains the best products from both categories. But the most important thing here is you should know the purpose for which you need a CPU cooler like either it is for overclocking or you need a Cooler just to increase the speed of your processor, once you are clear about your need then you can make a perfect purchase.



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