5 Hacks To Help You Work Better in 2023

Amidst the pandemic, a lot of employees found themselves struggling to work productively from home. However, fun working from home may sound, it’s challenging to work in isolation and not be able to step out due to the COVID19 scare.

Thankfully due to the availability of vaccinations, it is now possible for businesses to open their workspace again and welcome employees to work from the office. No matter where you are working from, whether you are a full-time employee or a freelancer – it is important to stay productive.

Here are 5 hacks that will help you stay on track and get better results.

Jot down tasks and prioritize them

One of the easiest yet most underrated tricks is to be well-aware of what your day will look like by making a list of things you need to do. Be it working out, making a presentation, calling a friend, or resolving a major work issue, jot down everything the night before. If you’re a small team you can consider the use of payroll software.

Once you have this list, prioritize tasks so you don’t miss out on something important. P1 can be your highest priority task followed by P2, P3, and so on. This way you will start your day knowing what you need to do and in what sequence, which ensures you are not panicked trying to figure out your day.

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Identify your high productivity pockets

Everyone has certain periods where their productivity is at its peak. In this period of the day, you can accomplish things more easily because you are more alert and focused. Try to schedule the most important tasks within this bracket of time. Learn how to manage inventory properly in case you’re the one managing it.

For most people, mornings are the best time to work as their mind is well-rested and there are fewer distractions. Once you go ahead in the day, you start feeling consumed, and eventually, by the evening you are fatigued. Understanding your own routine and patterns will help you work more efficiently.

Follow the Pomodoro technique

Managing your time well will help you do more in less time and maintain a good work-life balance. A very popular time management technique is the Pomodoro technique that helps you stay focused on the task at hand.

According to the technique, when you pick up a task you must set a 25-minute timer and work on it with full dedication until the timer goes off. Then take a 5-minute break to do something other than work. This helps you divide huge chunks of work in short bursts and get a break to relax in between.

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Create brackets

It is quite common to give ourselves deadlines and assume that we will be able to do it before the finishing time. For instance, you give yourself a deadline that you will create a presentation before Thursday.

Instead of doing that, give yourself a time bracket for better organization. Deadlines create a sense of urgency while brackets give your day more structure. This helps you prioritize tasks more efficiently and accomplish them without feeling stressed about a deadline.

Keeping learning new things

In today’s day and age, it is crucial to keep learning new things in order to stay competitive. A lot of companies offer the knowledge of new skills through training programs. Make the most of those programs to ensure you learn better ways to do your job.

The best part is that these are delivered through an LMS which makes it easy to learn at a time of your convenience. With options like LMS WordPress and its straightforward user interface, it becomes effortless to find the relevant information quickly.

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These hacks will help you make the most of your day and work to the best of your abilities. Are there any hacks that you would like to add? Share them in the comments below!


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