Trollishly’s Brief Guide to Use TikTok Effects

TikTok Effects

In the world of technical advancements, people are seeking out new ways to keep themselves entertained from the busy bee world. This is where the emergence of TikTok created a storm on the social media platform. People started to see this application as a means of entertainment and infotainment. 

TikTok Effects

Moreover, creators (also users) are using this platform to showcase their innate creative abilities to the world. They create videos based on skits, tutorials, educational, and even promotional videos. Alongside, such creators also buy tiktok likes to maximize the engagement rate and visibility of content videos in a short while. 

One of the exciting parts of using this platform is the accessibility to a wide range of effects. This in-built effect is the coolest thing, where you can gain more followers by creating viral videos. Are you interested to know more about the effects? Then keep reading. 

How to Get Started With TikTok Effects?

Once you start exploring effects on the application, you will never go on to the other applications for editing. Since TikTok has plenty of features, often users confuse with the effects and filters. Therefore, knowing the difference between TikTok Effects and TikTok Filters is essential. 

Filters are similar to the ones that you use on other social applications. It will allow you to tone up your videos by changing the colors, the depth of the lightning, and much more. Whereas you can distinguish the effects into types;

  • The effects that can be added before recording 
  • The effects that are added after the recording process.

The effects employed before recording are usually fun and creative. For example, you can insert objects into the frame, change your background effect, and even your face while recording. The latter is commonly used for editing and adding transitions, zoom effects, slow motion, etc.

How to Get Effects on TikTok? 

If you want to add effects before recording, then follow these steps

  • Tap on the plus symbol icon at the bottom of the landing tile
  • Then touch the effects icon that is located on the left bottom. It will direct you to be new and trending effects. 
  • Afterward, select the filter, which will appear in real time once the recording begins.

If you prefer editing effects, follow the instructions after recording your video.

  • After recording, choose the checkmark icon situated on the bottom right side.
  • Then tap on the Effects option in the editing screen.
  • It will direct you to the array of effects you can select according to your wish. 

4 Best Trending TikTok Effect That You Must Try

The below listed are a few commonly used TikTok Effects. In this section, you are going to learn how to make use of the effects and their effectiveness. 

#1 Green Screen

Green screen is one of the most commonly used and popular on TikTok platform. It lets you change the background of the video. Similarly, TikTok provides a few default pictures you can use as your background. You can also select random images from your device gallery and use them in the background.

For instance, if you want to highlight and respond to a comment, you can take a screenshot of the comment and add it in the background. Or else, if you’re going to give a response to the comment, you can record the video and upload it with the green screen effect. Further, you can prefer Trollishly, which will be supportive in driving more engagement and visibility for your videos in an instant time.

#2 Clone Trio

If you are a dancer, this effect makes you even more interesting, and you will love this. On the other hand, perhaps you can use this clone trio effect to participate in the trending TikTok challenges. Either way, it will definitely be one of the most remarkable effects for the users to keep their audience engaged. 

The Clone Trio effect creates two clone figures of your behind you. And it will do the things that you are doing exactly like a carbon copy. For example, with this effect, you can create an illusion of dancing partners to your dance covers. Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

#3 Slow Zoom Effect

The slow zoom effect will give you the feeling that you are the main character in the video. This effect works in a way that zooms an inch closer and closer to your face. So even though you don’t need to do anything, it creates an illusion of a director accumulating your reaction.

In order to find this effect, search for an icon button resembling a face and four arrows facing toward it. After selecting, you can choose how long the effect can last, like 10,15 or 20 seconds. Then, you can use your own creativity to make it more realistic and exciting. 

#4 Split Screen Effect

The split screen is almost identical to the Clone Trio effect. You can split the screen into two, three, or even nine and make your TikTok videos. Moreover, you can also use this effect in a more cinematic way, like a movie montage. 

To use it, find it in the effect gallery and select the option that resembles a duplicate image of an airplane view. Once you choose the option, you are open to deciding how many screens you wish to create. This effect can be an added advantage for user who is in the dance niche.

For example, you can use a split screen effect and make videos of your dance crew like before and after concepts. Additionally, you may try out Trollishly, which will be helpful in increasing your views and reach for your dance cover videos in a matter of seconds.

The Bottom Line

In a few words, TikTok is a place where you can create short, engaging, yet compelling videos. On the positive side, you don’t have to waste your valuable time searching for third-party applications for editing your videos. Instead, you can go with the in-built effect and come up with a video that catches the eyes of your audience. 

Moreover, you have no need to hang around with just one, and you can change and pick a new effect for each clip or frame. The effects mentioned in the article are fewer, and there are a lot more on the table. So why not give them a shot? Perchance, your video might get viral too. Now, it’s time to make your videos and let people remember your name.

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