The 12 Generation Budget Build Finally Revealed!

When it comes to building a new gaming PC, lots of things need to be kept in mind. A reliable motherboard, good ram, and a solid CPU, all of these are very crucial for a good gaming experience. However, one of the most important components is the GPU.

After the success of the 11th gen RTX 3060 consisting of the power of Ampere, enhanced Ray tracing cores and Tensor cores and high-speed G6 memory, it is no surprise that fans have been eagerly waiting for the 12th generation GPU. And it is finally here! Let us have a look at the specs and features that it offers.

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Key Features Of RTX 4060

Even though the RTX 4060 has lesser features compared to the RTX 4080 or RTX 4090, it is expected to be quite coveted among fans because of its budget friendly price.

The RTX 40 series GPUs are given the name Lovelace, based upon the 19th century mathematician Ada, who is thought to be one of the first programmers. Not a lot is known about the series as of now, but there have been speculations that significant modifications have been made to the RTX 30 series. Other improvements involving the PCLe 5.0 by AMD will also be put into effect.

The card is built on the 5 nm process, and uses the AD104 graphics processor. It is also thought to support DirectX 12 Ultimate, making sure that all modern games are able to run on this card with relative ease.

The card makes use of a 192-bit memory interface and is a dual slot card, drawing its power from a 1x 12-pin power connector. RTX 4060 is connected to the system through a PCI Express 4.0 x 16 interface. The card will also take up more power than its predecessors, running on more energy per watt.

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What Is the Release Date of RTX 4060?

Even though no official statement has been given by the makers, there has been talk and speculation by tech insiders and leakers in the industry. The RTX 40 series are expected to be released in the second half of 2022, probably by the month of September.

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It is assumed that the RTX 40 series is going to take the tech world by storm and the RTX 4060 will be a cheap and powerful addition to the series. However, much is still unknown and only time will tell how well the series does on the market.

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