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‘Moana’, a successful American 3D-creation by Disney, has quoted its footprints on the heart of the audience. Picturized by Ron Clement, and John Musker, the film is no-doubt an epic. The inclusion of this musical and adventurous animated movie in the trophy of The Best Animated Feature in 2017, outlines its worth more.

Back in 2016, Moana was a legendary achievement by Disney. The critic and the fan reflected the sense of affection and appreciated its scenarios. In theatres, it screened the viewers on November 23, 2016 in the United States. The digital version of Moana was marked in February 2017.

The story circles around a village girl, Moana (also a pet named Oceania or Vaiania). Exclusively selected by the ocean, Moana was on a goal in the movie. She chanced upon adventures and went out in search of a demigod, Te Fiti. All the stunts performed by her in the movie were a kind act of conserving the lives of his village inhabitants. 

After Moana’s incredible casting and framing, the fans are now supposing a comeback of this sequel. And, why not, it is a beautifully fantasies animated movie. Here are all the gathered factors and details regarding the follow up of Moana, by Moana 2.

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To be precise, no. There isn’t any official trailer issued in the market of Moana 2. All the viral published videos are a creation of the admirers of Moana.


Two certain movements predict Moana 2 is very soon going to enroll in theatres. 

  • Disney has a communal discussion with the Rock and Auli’i Cravalho, the two leading persons of Moana. They have been shown up in contact. This constitutes that Disney needs a return of Moana for good.
  • In the lineup projects of Disney, it is clear and wide that November 2021 and the emergence of 2022 is empty. There are no declarations about a new movie releasing in this era by Disney. The clues direct the pompous perception of Moana 2 in the mentioned periods.

However, there is no official statement related to the making or production of Moana 2. Disney and the director of Moana, both are lip-zipped on this matter. The affirmed reasons speak of the back end preparation for the entry of this sequel. 

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As per the gossips and the prediction, Moana 2 is foreseen to be more fanatical and treasuring. The credit also goes to the concert of the cast in the movie. To present the exact feeling and boost up to the first link of Moana, Moana 2 will also hold the incredible actors.

Moana 2 – Cast

Following characters will form the team of Moana 2

  • Auli’I Cravalho as Moana 
  • Dwayne Johnson as Maui
  • Temuera Morrison as Tui 
  • Richael House as Tala
  • Jemaine Clement as Tamatoa
  • Alan Tudyak as Heihei

Still, these aren’t officially notified to be in part 2. They all were the major show ups of the movie. Perhaps their accountability in the movie’s success indicates their presence in the upcoming movie. There is a chance that the next part will startle the audience with the introduction of new characters and thrilling turn ups!

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Moana, the adventure movie was particularly designed to frame the village girl Moana. In the story, she has the aim to protect the valuable lives of her villagers. To get a safety award for her people, she rode out to explore the demigod, Maui.

The whole story cyclone fluctuating challenges and amazing adventures. In all these adventures, Moana shows the best of herself and copes up. Along with her, the whole team affirms marvelous support. 

On the verge of Moana, Moana was observed to have a comeback to her home. And, the back-to-back adventure series comes to end. Moana 2 is most probable to continue from that point. The hero of the exquisite movie Maui, the demigod is also believed to be seen in the sequel.

Fans have displayed a foremost desire to inaugurate Moana 2 from where it has placed full stop. The makers might be considering this overwhelming wish. However, the audience is kept away from any statement and no sources confirm the storyline.


In 2016, when Moana strolled into the theatres, it marked a splendid victory. The wave of happiness overcomes the makers. Moana astonished everyone and called the viewers to itself with its beautiful crafting and animation.

From the closer drafting, it is estimated the film earned around $690 million, which is a quite pleasing amount. In all those, $248 million were collected from Canada and the U.S. While $442 million revenue was generated from the other countries where this tremendous movie was released.

Moana 2 – Box Office

The exceptionality of the movie lies in that even being accompanied by the release of another movie called Zootopia in 2016, this movie thrived very well. With the spontaneous fame, and the wondrous triumph of the movie, the expectation from part 2 is also raised. 

It is ascertained that the director, producer, and the cast will also contemplate more on Moana 2. They will bring a piece of film that will engrave the audience. With the storyline pick up and the record-making history of Moana, part 2 is expected to reinforce more revenue. Even, it can form a new track record. 

For now, still, there aren’t any hints that when the new movie Moana 2 will prevail in the market. No official declarations have come into count up till now. The pandemic in the world is thought to be the cause of no progress report on the endurance of the sequel. 

Whenever an official statement will be put on, we’ll keep you posted. Till then, assume what the next part of Moana can bring to the table!

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