Everything You Need To Know About The Long-Awaited Mercedes-AMG One

The Mercedes AMG-One has been long-awaited since its announcement almost 4 years ago, and there are speculations that this is going to be one of the best hypercars ever. To cater to changing market conditions, most car companies launch their cars a few months after their announcements. However, it has been 4 years since this car’s announcement. Why did the company make its fans wait so much?

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What Has Taken The Mercedes-AMG One So Long To Launch?

To announce a car and to make a car are 2 different things. The company has revealed that it has faced a lot of difficulties on the way. When the company announced they would launch Mercedes-AMG One, they said the car would be the first road-legal car with an F1 engine at its heart. However, incorporating all those aspects into the car has been quite the hassle.

Regardless, the company has improved upon and been able to deal with most of the problems and rumors have been circulating that the production is almost complete. Let us take a look at the features this car will have.

Key Features Of Mercedes-AMG One


The Mercedes-AMG One will probably be powered by a turbocharged, 1.6-litre V6, which will give it a rev of over 10000 rpm, and will also possess 4 additional electric motors. The 1.6-litre V6 will make use of 4 overhead camshafts driven by spur gears. The pneumatic springs have replaced the traditional mechanical valve springs, delivering an individual horsepower of approximately 700.

It is so secret that the above-mentioned specs will make it one of the most amazing hybrid hypercar in the world.

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Most new vehicles give efficiency of around 32-38%. However, the Mercedes-AMG One is set to provide an efficiency of almost 40%, which is huge!


This is the most important aspect of a car for fans. Speculations suggest that this car will have a top speed of around 350 kph, and an acceleration time of 6 seconds from 0 to 200 kph.

When Is The Car Expected To Be Released?

We are not sure when this is going to be released. Most of the problems faced by the company were taken care of. Hence, it is being speculated that the production is almost completed and the car may be released soon. Let’s see if it lives upto the expectations of the fans.

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