The Top 7 Cloud Services Your Business Should Be Using

Cloud services

According to a survey, if you are still debating whether or not to use cloud services in 2022, you are already behind 90% of businesses. A multi-cloud strategy is likewise used by the majority of them. This indicates that business workloads are primarily hosted on the cloud, and cloud adoption is already widespread.

There are several reasons why companies prefer the cloud to conventional computing and data storage methods. Like the adoption of any new technology, cloud migration has its dangers and downsides. The advantages, however, considerably exceed these dangers. With all this in mind, here are the top seven cloud services you should consider.

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Amazon Web Services

190 countries across the world are home to more than 100,000 users of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Businesses in a variety of industries now have a new opportunity to replace high expenses associated with infrastructure with less variable costs thanks to the debut of AWS cloud in 2004.

The benefits don’t end here. In-depth analytics platforms, database tools, consumer analysis tools, security software, storage choices, and even access to cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and the blockchain are all available to businesses through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Almost everything is done on the cloud, and any business can find something there. Contact a reputable cloud services provider if you want to grow your business more quickly.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity package includes Word, SharePoint, Exchange, Excel, Teams, and other services. Every business need Microsoft 365 since its numerous tools integrate well and complement one another.

Strong security measures are in place to ensure your data is protected, including two-factor authentication, which ensures unauthorized people can’t access it even if they manage to access your device.

It is a truly secure environment. Threat detection and anti-malware allow security concerns to be swiftly identified and addressed, which is essential for enterprises working with sensitive data or information. Your firm may conduct operations stress-free by choosing Microsoft Office 365.

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Google Docs and Google Sheets, which are cloud-based programs for documents and spreadsheets, respectively, are among the cloud apps in the G Suite that include capabilities similar to those of Microsoft’s products. A variety of features are also included in it that are intended to make team member cooperation simpler.

This cloud-based software, which is packed in a user-friendly interface that works with all of your devices, allows you to manage, collaborate on, control, and link many of the components needed by small and big companies.

As a G Suite client, your business email accounts will have access to a variety of features that free Gmail users do not. Custom emails may be sent to certain departments within your business, and privacy features ensure that no one else can see, examine, or otherwise access your email without your permission. G Suite email is also free of ads and conforms with most industry regulations!


The SaaS model is used by Sage’s accounting services, so if you pay a subscription fee, you may access them online through the Sage website. Small company owners can manage payroll, rapidly create invoices with a professional appearance, view thorough financial reports, and track finances using Sage’s accounting software.

They can even compute taxes in advance of tax deadlines. With Sage’s assistance, you won’t have to spend as much time on time-consuming financial administration activities, freeing up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your company.

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Google Drive

Millions of people use Google Drive on a global scale for its extraordinary capabilities focused on increasing collaboration and file sharing. The potential exists for this free cloud service to develop into the foundation of any small business.

It is the most popular cloud service across all groups, not just small businesses, thanks to its fully integrated cloud-based document, presentation, spreadsheet, form, and drawing tools. Your files will be accessible from any device as long as you have access to your Google account login.

Cloud computing

Alibaba Cloud

The aforementioned cloud services have entirely dominated the public cloud industry for many years. The names of these services always come out on top. Now that Alibaba Cloud has established itself and begun to compete with these major competitors, the situation has changed.

Alibaba Cloud has established data centers, launched offices, and employed personnel all around the world in the previous two years. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprises, start-ups, independent software vendors (ISVs), and partners have all used Alibaba Cloud solutions for their IT environments, demonstrating the broad acceptance of the platform.

This is an independent cloud computing service and the option you should select if you want to use a service for more general cloud computing. Additionally, it provides hybrid cloud services as a form of cloud computing.

Alibaba offers a variety of solutions that can meet your company’s demands as one of the most popular cloud computing providers. Some cloud users, however, may initially find the setting confusing.

IBM Cloud

Developed by IBM, IBM Cloud is a collection of cloud services for companies. The IBM cloud offers PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS services mostly using hybrid cloud architecture. In fact, compared to a public cloud-only approach, IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy may deliver up to 2.5x greater value.

You may calculate the value a hybrid cloud strategy can add to your company using their hybrid cloud value calculator. You need to accomplish more with fewer resources as a small or midsize business, and this cloud is the answer. It is available on demand, practically never has to be set up, and costs very little upfront.

Nearly everything that is currently offered on-site is also accessible in the cloud, and businesses are continuing to switch from costly hardware investments to cloud services. With the advent of the 5G computing age, the security, convenience, and peace of mind that cloud-based services provide speak for themselves and are vitally necessary to the existence of the modern corporation.

We hope that, after reading this article, you will be prepared to move on now that you are aware of some of the greatest cloud service options out there.

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