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More Uber internal problems surface in lawsuit


Whether someone is in Manila or some other part of the world, they may have encountered unpleasant news regarding the company that lets them ride more conveniently: Uber. It is probable they may even fear to lose the convenience that Uber brings.

The transportation service company that is listed in the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as Uber Technologies, Inc. is indeed in the midst of weathering major challenges from without and within.

Senior vice president of global operations Ryan Graves was the subject of news as he revealed his intention to see himself out of his current position by September, ABC News reported. That revelation’s impact was somewhat lessened by the fact that Graves would remain as a member of the board.


While Graves has voiced his plan to resign, it was the spokesperson of former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick who issued a statement that Kalanick would continue to represent Uber as a board member – despite a lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by Benchmark Capital Partners, with 13 percent of Uber stock, and who has found Kalanick as doing acts inimical to Uber’s shareholders. Benchmark’s dismay with Kalanick stems from the former CEO’s alleged machinations of Uber’s board that were guaranteed to keep him in influence despite resigning as CEO.

Benchmark’s suit comes on the heels of another lawsuit from Waymo, Google’s self-driving car unit, which had also sued Uber. Benchmark alleged in its suit that pertinent information was hidden from investors and that Uber’s own CEO had known beforehand that Waymo might sue.

Benchmark also felt that Kalanick failed to satisfactorily respond to the numerous discrimination and sexual harassment instances that have cropped up with the company. In fact, it was during such an investigation of harassment cases that Kalanick found himself stepping down as CEO.

But it would seem being CEO is far different than maintaining control as a board member, for just as quickly, he appointed himself to one of three board seats, so that Uber’s members of the board now number 11 instead of the previous eight.

The allegations have been called by the former CEO’s spokesperson as completely without merit and baseless.


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