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‘The Flash’ season 4: Council of Wells to fight The Thinker; H.R. returns


“The Flash” season 4, episode 6, “When Harry met Harry,” will see Harry (Tom Cavanagh) asking help from a group of Wells to defeat The Thinker. The evil character, which played by Neil Sandilands, is the main villain for Season 4.

Tom Cavanagh talked about what fans can expect in the upcoming episode during an interview with, at the show’s set in Vancouver. Viewers cannot deny that Wells showcased a bright mind, especially when it comes to science and other extraordinary things.

He was the one who discovered that Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) return from the Speed Force was planned. Harry was able to prove the alignment of the several incidents, as viewers were the only ones aware that The Thinker was behind it. This entire conspiracy was discovered by Wells alone, so what more if he calls out his doppelgangers from the different multiverse?


Tom Cavanagh on episode 6

“This show will come and run its course, or it will be like ‘Supernatural’ and never end,” the 54-year-old actor said. The question is, how many versions of Wells will the fans see?

Cavanagh revealed that the series settled to have three new Wellses as well as one surprise appearance that he could not spoil. While this was decided, the veteran actor added that there was plenty of time to add more.

In the past seasons, Cavanagh’s first role was season 1 main villain Reverse Flash. It has been a tough course for Team Flash to trust Wells because he was Barry Allen’s speedster mentor.

Meanwhile, Harry came, and it took awhile before people at S.T.A.R. Labs gave him the full trust. And the last one was H.R. Wells, who recently died in season 3 after saving Iris West (Candice Patton). He was the first version to have a humorous take on Wells.

H.R. Wells, to return?

As mentioned earlier, our beloved H.R. died in season 3 but there is more! There is a possibility for his return as Cavanagh unveiled that an arc has been prepared for him.

In fact, it was one of the most favorite scenes that he ever did: Harry and H.R. Wells are going to share screen together! It is a given knowledge that Harry hates H.R. while the latter just loves him a lot. Now that H.R. is probably alive, Team Flash could not be any happier.

“The Flash” season 4 episode 6 is directed by Brent Crowell and will air on Nov. 14.


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