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‘Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’ Mimikyu Z-Move is adorably terrifying


“Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will be out in a few days but the Pokemon Company just would not stop hyping up the game. They recently released a trailer for a Z-move of one of their previously controversial Pokemon Mimikyu and it sparked a lot of ironic emotions for the players.

As the YouTube trailer shows, Mimikyu’s Z-move is called “Let’s Snuggle Forever.” Matched with the pleasant decorations that come out as the Z-move’s design, the end result is just ultimately chaotic.

In the video, it knocked out a Tyranitar’s full health with just this move. Mimikyu swoops in and encloses the Tyranitar with its body as if swallowing it whole. Viewers will see some beating-up effects happening while the HP bar goes empty.


For those who do not really know much about Mimikyu, the thing about this Pokemon is that, what players see in-game and in the trailer is not Mimikyu himself. It noticeably looks like a badly drawn Pikachu on a paper bag but this is only because the real Mimikyu is hiding underneath it.

Matching that with how the Z-move covers the whole Pokemon entirely, needless to say, it is the real Mimikyu beating up the Pokemon while under the covers. Nobody knows much of what the real Mimikyu is like and that is where the horror comes in.

The irony of the Z-move’s name and its damage can be rooted from both the games and the anime. In the previous Pokemon games with Mimikyu, trainers will find out that this Pokemon is just quite shy and lonely hiding underneath a Pikachu costume just to make friends.

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However, in the anime, it was revealed that Mimikyu actually despises Pikachu; thus making the Z-move both adorable and horrifying.

At this point, numerous fan theories have been made regarding Mimikyu’s origin, type, and just everything about it. Nobody even knows why it hates Pikachu.

With two different kinds of Mimikyu shown on different platforms, there are also double theories made up about it. Fans on Reddit have explained extensively their own theories and some even found common ground between speculations.

Hopefully, when this new set of Pokemon games, “Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon,” come out, it would give its fan a sort of lead perhaps about Mimikyu. Maybe the title would already explain Mimikyu itself. Nevertheless, “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will be released on Nov. 17 for the Nintendo 3DS.


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