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‘No Man Sky’ update rumored to add new worlds and multiplayer


The year 2016 birthed one of the most memorable gaming debacles in history, as indie game developer Hello Games released “No Man’s Sky” – a space exploration title with a lot of unkept promises. Fast forward to September 2017, and it seems like Hello Games will be making good on their intentions.

Recently, leaked update notes of the game have surfaced and if they are to be believed, it may be the time that Hello Games would finally deliver their ambitious promises. Included in the update notes is the introduction of multiplayer to the interstellar travel and exploration game.

Back when “No Man’s Sky” was first introduced to the public, Hello Games Company Director Sean Murray stated that multiplayer is present in the game. However, it was later discovered by players that the statement was false. The community speculated that the alleged upcoming multiplayer update would come in the form of joint explorations, Game Rant reported.


It has been a long time since the release of “No Man’s Sky” and disappointed gamers have moved on to other titles – the level of distrust regarding any news about the exploration game is quite high that even the validity of substantial information regarding updates of contents is being questioned.

The info regarding the upcoming 1.3 update comes from datamines of the Atlas ARG site’s CSS. If the information proves to be legitimate, players can not only expect the multiplayer update, but also additional ships and new worlds on its way.

In retrospect, these features should have been a part of the game’s release, but if what is in the update list turns into reality, this could be a huge turn around for “No Man’s Sky.” There are details like story addition in the works for update 1.3 that further supports its legitimacy, but could also end up as a product of a fan’s wishful thinking.

The update list was first brought to light by some community members stating that it appeared on the “No Man’s Sky” site before it was taken down. At this time, there is no way to verify whether this claim was true or false.

However, the main issue in the update info is joint exploration, which by itself, could mean a variety of things, but some in the community tend to believe that it hints toward some form of multiplayer mode.

The possible addition of multiplayer to the game brings players back full circle to Murray’s uncertainty when it comes to “No Man’s Sky” – even guesting in high-profile talk shows to brag about the game’s multiplayer features. This further justifies the amount of skepticism that accompanies the alleged leak of the update notes, but others would still hope that this could lead to some form of co-op mode.

As a final note, players of “No Man’s Sky” have been hungry for new content for a long time. Those who remain in the game are still lookging forwad to Hello Games to keep their promises of delivering missing content- especially when players paid full price for an unfinished game.

For Murray and company, adding those in the update list could possibly spark some life into the title and, possibly, bring some players back to the fold.


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