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Details of Kratos, Atreus’ relationship in ‘God Of War’ revealed


Fans of the highly popular action-adventure hack and slash video game, “God of War,” are eagerly awaiting word regarding the upcoming installment to the game franchise. There is just a small amount of time left before the new “God of War” is released for the PlayStation 4, but like the fans, it seems that game director Cory Barlog cannot contain his excitement any longer.

“God of War” was first released by Sony’s Santa Monica Studio back in 2005. It was created to become a flagship title for the Sony’s PlayStation brand.

The game is loosely based on Greek Mythology, with Kratos as its protagonist. “God of War” has also been spun-off into other game franchise, most notable is him being added to the roster of fighters in NetherRealm Studios’ 2011 “Mortal Kombat” for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Now, after seven installments in the franchise, the title just gets better and better.


An eighth installment is on its way and it would seem that fans have been given some vital pieces of information on what to expect upon its release. In a podcast over the weekend, Barlog provided new details regarding the relationship between the aged Kratos and his young son Atreus, who in the new game, tags along for the journey and helps out his father on occasion.

Barlog reveals that Atreus tagging along turns out to be not such a bad thing for the old warrior, as the kid proves to be a lot more crucial than anyone could ever expect. Barlof further states that Atreus is actually useful when it comes to dealing with certain puzzles in the game, reported. Being a summoner, Atreus’ abilities can actually aid Kratos in dire situations, even if he lacks swiftness with a bow and arrow.

Aside from Atreus’ usefulness for puzzles, Barlog also noted that the kid’s magic can also work with other people in the game so that they can help out Kratos as well. The game director did not provide any specific examples regarding this ability, but it seems like Atreus has the skill of enlisting others, even if they are not likely to be the greatest of allies if the situation needs them.

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Barlog also notes that there is no limit to whom you can use your magic on, as it could easily be just one person when it comes to dealing with a puzzle, or even an entire army of allies, who you could call upon to help bring down a much bigger and powerful foe.

For more details regarding Barlog’s explanation on Atreus’ role in the upcoming “God of War” game, fans can listen to his podcast.

Although storywise, it is nice to know that the existence of Atreus in the game will be essential for his father’s in-game progression, rather than just being a weakly-built character that would pose a burden to his legendary dad. Atreus’ usefulness also brings up a question of how co-op would work in a game like this.

As of the moment, fans can only speculate what the new storyline would add to the gameplay. Barlog’s statements in his podcast only add to the intensity of “God of War” players’ excitement.


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