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No DLC yet: New mission for ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ released


Fans of the BioWare developed “Mass Effect” game franchise will be happy to hear that a new mission for “Mass Effect: Andromeda” multiplayer has just recently been released.

APEX Missions are the last new content being released for “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” With this being said, chances of new single player mission DLC’s are most likely going to be scarce or will not even get to see the light of day.

The new mission for “Mass Effect: Andromeda” is called “Along for the Ride,” which entails players to raid a Kett vessel. It says of certain Outlaws who have damaged the Batarian-piloted vessel. Players are tasked to collect parts and salvage from another Kett ship to fix it.

The match difficulty for the new mission is classified as Bronze while Match Modifiers are listed as Glass Jaw and Combat Skirmish. Glass Jaw means that enemy melee attacks would deal increased damage while Combat Skirmish means that the Biotic Power damage is heightened. As an exchange, other powers will deal less damage.


Just like other APEX missions, pieces of new content are still being released, which includes guns, maps, enemies, and weapons.

The new mission also includes Batarian Vanguard as a playable character. It utilizes biotics to move in on opponents and pummel them with devastating melee attacks.

It also features a new weapon, cobbled together by the Outlaws, called Shorty Shotgun. The monicker Shorty stems from its sole purpose of creation where players will need a weapon with close-range capabilities while also being able to carry extra ammunitions.

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The modified shotgun fires three-round bursts. Having a much larger ammunition clip, it would be heavy and difficult to carry – with a blast recoil that is arm-breaking.

Gaining additional ranks would increase the statistics of the Shorty Shotgun.

The Firebase Magma map is also included in the mission. It does not look like appropriate for a lava field to be a place for an industrial outpost; however, the Outlaws see it fit for a facility to harness massive amounts of geothermal energy for their nefarious purposes – energy that is used to fuel advanced factories and create experimental weapons, technology, and incendiary munitions, reported.

The “Mass Effect” games have been cultural hits over the course of its run from 2007 up to 2017. Things were a bit rocky, though, for the BioWare developed game in the past few months. With the new mission, hopefully, the game franchise get to be revitalized.

During its latest earnings call, EA was quiet about “Mass Effect” and only mentioned “Andromeda” just three times, reported. In fact, they were not giving any much information about it. There are also several reports claiming that a DLC may not come to PS4 and XBox One.

The studio has already gone through reshuffling and was reassigned to other projects, Forbes reported. And as far as EA’s current priority is concerned, which is the sci-fi game “Anthem,” the future of “Mass Effect” remains to be seen.

This article was corrected after stating that the new mission update for “Andromeda” was a DLC. But, no DLC has arrived for “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” While said “A new Mass Effect Andromeda DLC multiplayer mission has been released by BioWare this week,” several reports, however, stated that the company and developers have not released any statement about a DLC for “Andromeda.” Before July ended, a rumor suggested that BioWare is working on a DLC for “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. It was, however, found out to be a hoax, according to Kotaku.


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  • Lucky1920

    Why should I be happy about that? I’m not buying that shit. They gave up on the game now so do I. I’m not buy anything else they put out there. It’s been one huge disappointment after another with this company and I refuse to give them anymore of my money.

    • David Dinsman

      Uhh, the “DLC” is actually just an update, the Batarian Vanguard, the Shorty Shotgun and the “Along for the Ride” mission are available to anyone who owns the game, of course for the new weapon and character you have to open Packs from the in game store, but you can do that without spending a single cent. Of course the article’s a little off, anybody who’s been playing from the beginning knows Firebase Magma has been available from day one. But they did unlock a couple of other maps for matchmaking that were only available for special missions before, Firebase Nimbus and another I can’t recall the name of right now, but the point is, it’s free! The only thing that might cost you anything would be to purchase Andromeda points, but that’s not necessary for the unlocked content.

  • David Dinsman

    Sorry, but your information is a little off, we’ve had Firebase Magma since day one!

  • Mitchell Dubois

    This is not a DLC…I already have the featured items, it has been more than 12 hours, and seriously you are pretty late to report this.

  • Billy Beefcaked

    We will never see Mass Effect again and you can thank Bioware SJW for that as well as Anthem.

    Anthem is going to be so big for Bioware that they’ll turn into a support studio like Bungie has for Destiny.

    It is a crying shame too because that universe had some amazing potential.

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