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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’, ‘The Sims 4,’ others for free download in EA and Origin Access


With more and more games coming out in the next few months, video game company Electronic Arts (EA) is releasing a few of their titles for free download. The only catch is that the games will only be available for download for those with EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC gamers. If players do not have one, they just might consider getting one now with “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” “Star Wars Battlefront II,” “Need for Speed: Payback,” “The Sims 4,” and “Dead Space 3” all coming out from this month of October to December.

The first three games mentioned will be made available for both EA and Origin Access. However, the last two, “The Sims 4 and Dead Space 3,” will only be coming to EA Access. Nevertheless, with these titles being a big hit in the industry, players who have never gotten the chance to buy them can finally play them now.

Sadly, not all of the titles mentioned will be the full version. Users can at least try the first trial versions of “Star Wars Battlefront II,” “Need for Speed: Payback,” and “The Sims 4.”


In “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” similarly in the previous titles, the players is a Pathfinder who has to lead his team in an outer space called Andromeda Galaxy. Their mission is to look for a home suitable for humanity to live in.

While that remains as their main goal, gamers will get to work with many different characters throughout the story, travel strange new worlds, discover secrets about the whole galaxy itself, and many more.

And if players want more outer space games, then surely the movie-turned-game “Star Wars Battlefront II” should be the next choice. Needless to say, just like the first “Battlefront,” users will immerse themselves in massive multiplayer battles where they can even be in any era of the movie: prequel, classic, and even the latest trilogy. Of course, that is aside the story they can unfold in the single player mode where they can become their own hero in the Star Wars universe.

Xbox One users can even experience more of that outer space action but this time in a more horrifying manner. If gamers have ever tried playing the first two games, then they will know what to expect with “Dead Space 3.” Awaking inside a space station, players will find that they will need to go through the game facing different kinds of monsters and reanimated corpses.

Moving back to Earth, gamers can act like a god creating people and making storylines in “The Sims 4.” The title has several customizations compared to the previous installment despite it being only on the first trial version.

But if players want to feel that competitiveness on the streets, they will definitely want to get that “Need for Speed.” With new storylines and more available rides, they will get to race against a group called The House that nearly controls the whole city.

All the titles will be available only for those with EA and Origin Access. They will be up for download only until December 2017.


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