Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes proves image is everything

By on September 16, 2017
Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes proves image is everything Image Credit: Lenovo

At some point in your life, someone will tell you that image is everything. After looking around you, you will tend to agree. People put a premium on what looks good. With that in mind, a person with broken teeth will either have his fixed or smile with his mouth closed. Julius Erving may not have been the best basketball player who ever lived, but his image will live on long after he is gone. Did you ever see Dr. J. miss a dunk when he was still playing? He was graceful motion personified. Yes, image is everything.

Even when you buy gadgets, image is a primary consideration. When Lenovo came up with its new Yoga 920 2-in-1 convertible laptop, the concern was how its cover should look. How can this product’s Gorilla Glass cover give justice to the technology exhaustively researched and packed into its streamlined chassis or its computing power and other internal workings?

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The objective was to come up with a design that would transcend culture, geography, culture, age, and gender. Make it look like either your brother or the bus driver would want to posses it; for the Swede or the South Korean to desire to have it. For Lenovo, there was no margin for the aesthetic equivalent of broken teeth or a missed dunk.

The answer to Lenovo was to crowdsource for the cover design. A contest in which participants would submit design concepts was held at Italy’s Instituto Europeo di Design (IED Milan). The prize was a scholarship with Lenovo and, of course, worldwide recognition.

IED Milan is home to some 10,000 students from over 100 countries; the institute has 11 branches worldwide. In seeking a cover that transcends boundaries, Lenovo launched a campaign participated in by more than 130 persons. These contestants majored in Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, and Communication. Their submissions were judged by a panel of experts from IED and Lenovo.

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When the smoke cleared, the winner who emerged was 21-year old student Louis Aymonod. The youth, who lives in the small city of Villeneuve in northwestern Italy, won huge acclaim for his cover design, which he calls “Vibes of Elegance.”

Aymonod’s design made use of dots against an onyx background. The dots in quantity, shifting from pale to white in color, suggest wavelike lines, which the young designer identified as visual vibration.

When asked how he pictured the concept of vibration in tandem with the laptop, Aymonod cited the power beneath the Lenovo Yoga’s hinged lid. The potential for creativity and productivity wait to emerge beneath the Yoga’s ultra-thin veneer.

The winning designer also talked of how computers and other smart devices now interact with their users. The various ways which that interaction is manifested results in a sense of vibration. Thus, the lines that undulate represent unbounded possibilities: the laptop becoming ever smarter the more humans use it.

The dots that are clearly part of the design could stand for atoms, cells – primary modes of being that form more complex expressions.

In conclusion, the young Italian designer opined that Lenovo’s crowdsourcing effort benefited both Lenovo and the young designers who took part in the challenge of creating a cover for the final product, which is now called the Yoga 920 Vibes.

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