Lenovo Miix 520 keeps you above water in the digital tsunami

By on September 17, 2017
Lenovo Miix 520 keeps you above water in the digital tsunami Image Credit: Lenovo

The author Martin Amis once referred to Britain’s rapidly increasing population of elderly people as a “silver tsunami.” But there is a different kind of tsunami: a wave of change brought by technology into our notions of the everyday workplace, home life, and leisure hours. We could welcome that change, embrace the myriad positive effects it brings. The alternative is to get stuck in a bygone era, operating in an analog world where touchscreens have no place.

Except for the nostalgic few, the coming of the smartphone put an end to the analog era. Even senior citizens now appreciate voice facilities, taking selfies, joining exclusive group chats via Viber, watching movies via Netflix and Iflix, etc. In a sense, a digital tsunami is happening simultaneously with Martin Amis’ so-called silver tsunami. The silver-haired people think they are in the know, but the digital revolution is ongoing and new offerings are put on the market even as we speak.

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One such offering is the Lenovo Miix 520 2-in-1 tablet. To be sold with a keyboard and the Lenovo Active Pen 2, this is the device that will help mold you into a tech head, help you keep your head above water rather than be inundated by the digital tsunami.

Whether you have your own business or you are an upward-moving and ever-busy professional employee, just attach the Miix 520 to a PC. You will have all the tools to produce and edit your work and keep it private with an integrated fingerprint reader.

You have heard of 3D Printing – you may have read about it in David Cronenberg’s novel, “Consumed,” but it is a very real industry. An industry estimated to be in the range of $32.78 billion by year 2023. The Miix 520 lets you scan, edit, and print 3D images.

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Even young people will appreciate this new Lenovo offering as it comes with an Active Pen 2. With digital pens, students have shown inclination to learn and express themselves even more than when the tools were just traditional pens and pencils.

The Active Pen 2 allows students to augment images, while a button lets them access a menu. That menu provides new applications in e-mail, enabling a sharing of work, or even a collaboration, with classmates. But do not forget the keyboard which transforms the Miix 520 into a laptop, handy for essay-writing and other school works.

The tablet works with Cortana, a voice recognition technology requiring Windows 10. The voice-enabler has a range of up to 4 meters. If your kid is busy with a term paper, use Cortana to check for box scores of the Golden State-Cleveland rematch. Use the technology to turn on smart devices in your home. After you beat your deadline and all school works are completed, relax with your child by listening to music both of you appreciate. The cool gadget has a microphone and Dolby Audio speakers that make it up to such multitasking.

The Miix 520 has 16G B of DDR4 memory and is powered by an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. It weighs a mere 1.26 kilograms, with its 15.9 mm. keyboard. To be priced at €899 (around PhP55,000), including the keyboard and Active Pen 2, it becomes available in November 2017.

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