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‘League of Legends’ Jungle Ekko making a come back in PBE


The PBE server of “League of Legends” has been home to many of the buffs and nerfs to test out its effectiveness in game; hence, it being PBE. With the latest buffs coming, looks like one of them will see Ekko going back to the jungle finding its role more effective there. Ekko mains will remember back then when he was still viable for the jungle. The nerfs that Riot placed on him made him move back to the midlane. Since then, Ekko would not find much use any lane else except maybe in the toplane.

During the latest 7.20 patch in the PBE server, a lot of champions have their base stats nerfed or buffed. However, among them, players will notice the big buff given to Ekko’s passive, reported. Dan Hardison, one of Riot’s playtest analyst, even tweeted about this buff. It read “Z-Drive Resonance – P Damage to monsters: 100% >>>> 200%.” That is two times the normal damage of Ekko’s passive. It is no wonder why players would see it fit to try Ekko back in the jungle.

Ekko’s jungle clears will be a lot more effective, costing less time making it easier for the player to gank a lane. As the news of the buff spread out through Reddit, players started discussing about Ekko’s jungling. Out of many players’ curiosity, they started to wonder whether Riot indeed wanted Ekko to become a viable jungler.


Riot Meddler gladly answered the curiosity saying that the buff really was intended to pave way for Ekko’s return to the jungle. Of course, this does not mean that he no longer will be in the midlane. Since creeps count as monsters as well, Ekko mains will find it easier to get gold from minions if their strategy is to not actually last hit. Either way, Ekko’s clears will definitely be a lot faster with this buff.

Note, however, that this again is only available on the PBE server, meaning not everyone will get the chance to try it out. Changes made in the PBE server would not necessarily mean that they will be rolled out in the next patch for the regular client. But Ekko mains should not worry if they want their favorite champion in the jungle.

While this buff may seem tentative and that Riot may roll back it, they probably will buff some other aspect oEkko to give him more flexible roles. There is also news that an alternative buff for Ekko just in case this buffed passive will not work out. The PBE server will be testing both to see which one makes Ekko more effective in the jungle.

“You’ll see a change on the PBE tomorrow with 0s cooldown on minions and monsters,” continues Riot Meddler. “Going to be testing both and trying which direction makes more sense.”

Players on the regular client will just have to wait out for the next patches to see which buff Riot has decided for Ekko.


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