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‘Injustice 2’ PC release imminent, launch date uncertain

'Injustice 2' PC release imminent, launch date uncertain

NetherRealm Studio may not have the best history when it comes to success in PC-compatible games, but it looks as if “Injustice 2” is about to turn things around. No official word has come from the game developer directly, but the title has been listed online on at least two retailers.

Might be coming soon

A retail listing has been posted on Amazon France, as noted by VG24/7. The same seems to indicate that “Injustice 2” may not be a console-only game for long.

No release date came with the listing, but it is clear that the title will be available for Windows. Moreover, European retailer Game Mania has also listed the game for PC, complete with its box art.


Keeping it close to home

As the publication noted, NetherRealm has rested on the talents of other developers when it comes to putting their games on the PC. With no official announcement regarding a PC version of “Injustice 2,” it is completely possible that the game developer is working on it on their own.

Working on the momentum

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“Injustice 2” launched earlier this year in May for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players everywhere were impressed with the title and racked it up with great review scores. It impressed several gaming websites with its relatively large package of content at launch. The publication even called it the new standard for fighter games.

Since then, “Injustice 2″ has had several updates and DLC releases, which included Spawn, Red Hood, Starfire, and “Mortal Kombat’s” Sub-Zero and Raiden into the library of characters. The upcoming PC-version of the game is expected to release with these updates and additions in tow.

Fixing an unsuccessful history

NetheRealm Studio is likely looking to turn things around with the alleged “Injustice 2” PC release. “Mortal Combat 9” and “Injustice: Gods Among Us” did not fare well in the market as players found a few odd things going on with the title. The “Mortal Kombat Trilogy,” which is still available on Steam, does not even run on Microsoft’s Windows 10.

There was also the arguable disaster of “Mortal Kombat 10” on PC. There was the issue with broken netcode, the late updates, and the generally low performance to deal with. Steam players were pretty much furious with the title. And while NetherRealm has since fixed these issues, it is no wonder why “Injustice 2” has not come to PC just yet.

But if Amazon France just accidentally leaked an upcoming “Injustice 2” PC release, the game developer might just turn things around. NetheRealm might finally have a PC success in its hands and the market is definitely willing to give it a chance.

While there is no estimated release date to come with the online listing of “Injustice 2” PC, Game Mania does note on its website that it is coming sometime within the year. With three months left in 2017, this is a definite possibility. However, PC players should keep in mind that only the Deluxe Edition of the game has been listed online.


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