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‘Gran Turismo Sport’ PS4 Gameplay Gives Ultimate Experience Of Real Racing Event

Gran Turismo Sport
Gran Turismo Sport

Tokyo Game Show has featured the upcoming racing video game, Gran Turismo Sport, developed by Polyphony Digital with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Seeing and experiencing Gran Turismo Sport at Tokyo Game Show gave fans an idea how clear, crisp and vibrant this game is. To think that release was delayed because of the developer, how much more will the experience be on its official release? In line with this, Polyphony Digital needed more time to polish the game.

During the said event, some people were allowed to take footage of different races in the game. The video revealed some race tracks that will be available on Gran Turismo Sport. One was the Willow Springs and the other one was the Tokyo Express Way.


Another amazing thing about the game was the cars looked quite detailed and the camera angles gave the feeling of as if a gamer is on a real car racing event. Since it is exclusively available for PlayStation 4 users, PS4 Pro buyers will definitely be in awe playing this game. PS4 Pro will be available in stores on Nov. 10, 2016, but one can pre-order it on official website of PlayStation.

In addition to this, Gran Turismo Sport gameplay has three modes – Sports Mode, Arcade Mode and Campaign. It is revealed that the game’s Prologue will not be the same as the previous release of Gran Turismo games as this will feature more content. Both online and offline are also available.

As for day-night cycle, option to modify what time of day the player prefer before entering a race will be included.

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The exact date for the official release of Gran Turismo Sport is not yet revealed. But it is expected to be available in 2017, Gaming Bolt reported. This game will be fully compatible for the upcoming virtual reality headset for PS4 users, the PlayStation VR.

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  • Mark Sahim

    Gran Turismo looks very interesting and sounds like good premising game.

  • DannyB

    It might be good, but personally I am a Forza fanboy 🙂

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