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Galaxy Note 8 price in Philippines at P49,990; pre-orders start on Sept. 8-17

Galaxy Note 8 price in Philippines at P49,990; pre-orders start on Sept. 8-17

Samsung’s current phablet device, the Galaxy Note 8, will touchdown in the Philippines on Sept. 23 with a price tag starting at P49,990.

The Galaxy Note 8 was officially introduced yesterday with a promise to help users “Do bigger things.”

The Note 8 came out packed with the latest iteration of its S Pen that will enable users to create fancy messages with Live Message, put down important notes with Screen Off Memo, and overcome language barriers with Translate & Convert. On top of that, the S Pen is water-resistant and also has 4096 pressure levels for the artist at heart.


This year, Samsung upped the game in the arena of camera specs. They equipped the device with a dual rear camera system that gives twice the optical zoom as well as giving both cameras with the optical image stabilization (OIS) feature. These result to a crisper and clearer shot even with a camera shake.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s Low Light Camera setup also gives clearer snapshots even in low light conditions. And aside from that, the rear cameras feature Live focus where users are able to create professional shots with the Bokeh effect. With it, they can let their subject standout by blurring the background.

Every year, Samsung has equipped their Note product line with top-of-the-line features in hopes of gaining more consumers, particularly those from Apple’s ecosystem. But this 2017, it seems, they are trying to evolve the Note 8 from being more than just a commercial-centric device by including features mainly fit for the corporate person or someone living near Silicon Valley.

Although the Note 8’s introductory clip shows a lad in a classroom setting, Samsung DeX is looking more like something that could help a person who always needs to be in front of his laptop. Think about executives, marketers, and startup founders.

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Inserting in the Galaxy Note 8 support for SmartDex could be Samsung’s big leap forward given how hundreds of companies have been formed just inside a garage or a boarding house. This feature could be the developer’s best friend.

There is also the App Pair, which helpfully shows two apps on the screen at the same time. And by sporting the device with a 6.3-inch screen and Infinity Display, the App Pair will no doubt prove to be useful as opposed to being just another wasted addition.

Bixby will be around in the Note 8 and will probably be in the long run. It is Samsung’s answer to Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

Samsung is not holding back this year and by the looks of it, the Galaxy Note 8 is set to redeem them from what happened last year. On their official site, they made it a point to say that the batteries inside are extensively checked eight times.

As mentioned, the Note 8 will be released in the Philippines on Sept. 23. Per-orders will start on Sept. 8-17.

Below are some of the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  • 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display with 2960 x 1440 screen resolution
  • 8 MP front camera
  • 12 MP rear cameras
  • 2.3 GHz Quad+1.7 GHz/1.9 GHz Quad Octa-core
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 64/128/256 GB of storage
  • microSD card slot up to 256 GB
  • single and dual SIM
  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat
  • 3,300 mAh battery

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