A La Plata County man has been apprehending on misgiving of a prejudice motivated crime. Basically, a hate crime, as well as a felony, looming after menacing a Mexican guy. Making disparaging with a cutting tool notes about his steps in an on-road event. 

The Durango Police section was sent to a Subway at 11:45 South Camino del Rio. Furthermore, around 4 p.m. across Walmart. Monday for a disruption between two guys at the external surface of the eatery shop. 

Officers were displays footage of the event. This video was taken by the supposed victim’s friends. 

We can watch in the video the two guys were discussing according to the officer. One of the people known as Brian Russel McKinsey went into the vehicle. He gets back the cutting pocket tool opens it that stated I will cut your body open, Mexican.

McKinsey was 72 years of age. He took a pace toward the reported sufferer. The sufferer is not known in documents that show such a stupid Mexican does not know how to operate a vehicle. 


McKinsey then reportedly making statements about Mexican folks. He interrogated the reported sufferer about the things he would do or saturated in the river. He also explained to him that he was based in that area. 

McKinsey gave a statement to officers that he was operating a car in Camino del Rio. Furthermore, one angry guy came into his area across his vehicle. He added that two guys interchanged communication with their open windows

However, the management in Colorado can combine a disguise crime or bias-motivated crime. If detractors firm about the harassment was encouraged based on things like someone’s race or sexual harassment

Sixth Judicial District Attorney Christian Champagne stated there have been about ten cases of prejudice encouragement in the past 10 years.