Before he even set the legs on a platform the guy Dwayne was making amazing characters in the ring of Wrestling. Maybe nothing is perfect than his eyebrow moving in such a style. The rock! Folks Elbowing. 

He was so real that the cocky criminal moved into a beloved anti-hero. The rock was making. Johnson conveys that never-ending charm to the medium. However, his WWE audience will be grateful for his recent role: The Rock will transmit his versatile wrestling self in fighting with my loved ones. A biopic movie encouraged by a retired lady in her real life that frets impatiently Paige as well as administrative manufactured by Johnson. 


The way people rate in the conclusive ranking of best as well as bad Johnson film characters. Go for tear it. 

 Sarge: A video game of action crowded converting may have looked like a great plan. Rock is getting a mulligan for the same one. 

Chuck Baker: In hindsight, it is really awkward looking at Johnson’s voice. A fair NASA spaceman stuck on a planet. However, the planet was an alien one. 

Derek Thompson: Goonish hockey enforcer does not think in the tooth fairy. Hank: The plan is to make codes as well as an old man on a marvelous island. 

Mathayus: the short intro in the film the Mummy 2 Johnson rocks his starring character. 

Chris Vaughn: No ruffle along with backbiting take place at the time of a special powers soldier coming back. 


Mitch Buchannon: The film is a grand miss. However, Johnson’s modern update of the old David Hasselhoff beach cop had some great steps. 

Jack Bruno: The past con cabbie’s upcoming fare is there for years. At times he assisted an alien with his power and get to their spacecraft even.