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The Mayor Of Philadelphia Clicked Having Beer At A Bar Before Declaring Total Lockdown On Dining

The effect of restriction is everywhere. 

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was clicked at a bar at the time before declaration a ban on dining because of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. The guide as well as Liberty shared the image as well as to the media that finalized it. 

At times it was not clear properly the image was shoot. The mayor’s cabin finalized that it has taken on the weekend. The city declared it is a new adjustment that forbids indoor dining. The updated adjustment also banned personal as well as a common get-together. It involves a happy and demise ceremony too. 

If they require more than one family. The limitations will not take the result until the weekend. They came in-between a prong in cases of COVID-19. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health declared 831 more cases. The total of COVID-19 cases is 56,000. 

The Mayor Of Philadelphia Clicked Having Beer At A Bar Before Declaring Total Lockdown On Dining

Deputy Communications Director Lauren Cox stated that Mayor Kenny deliberately treats condescendingly many wines and dining places. According to him normally does to give hand local businesses the staff. 

She involved that the picture was taken at one of the favorites eateries. If he wanted to follow the limitations go into effect. As Mayor Kenny stated at the media meeting. Nobody wants to organize more limitations. However, the Commissioner of health and he are creating resolutions as they believe is needed to save lives. 

The mayor ordered food. That is the reason the image was taken at the time he was waiting for food. He will be moving on ordering and be taking out for dinning because of the limitation of COVID-19. 

This act of him encourages other folks to support another district mini professions. In such a way that abid by with recent limitations. This will also make them the same and also their loved ones. 

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