At an amazing point, the Wayne County, Michigan as well as the board of Canvassers without opposition voted. It is to verify the election results hours after the committee deadlocked the problem. 

Wayne County is Michigan’s most famous county as well as home to Detroit which is around more than 50 percent, Black. In addition to verifying the election outcome. The canvassing team looking forward to the Michigan Secretary of State.  It is to organize a short but detailed checklist of all the unexplained precincts all over the county. 

The vote listed after three hours of the comment of the public from Detroiters as well as residents. Also from other Wayne County communities, democrats as well as a non-partisan poll spectator. These are who roughy commented the county board’s Republican members for not firstly certifying the outcome.  

Numerous speakers charged them of trying to deprive them of the right to vote for Black voters in Detroit. 

The myriad of common speakers as well as media present at the meeting on application. Moreover, watching a live stream. Throughout that showed to be a distance in comments of folks. The team voted on the slow at times they were not talking again.

That passed that we just voted on that William Harmann and no opposition was there. The Republican member of the canvassing board. They have shared the members of the folks. Moreover, the media still at the meeting on the application after the slow was read about guarantee outcome.

Earlier in the night, the two Republicans refused to certify the outcome because of concerns about bounds in Detroit as well as suburban communities there the number of votes recorded in poll notes at an area didn’t match the number of arranged votes at those areas. 

In Detroit, 70 percent of absentee counting boards were not equaled. The bounds that were out of stability without explanation would be the matter of the audit.