Flooding from split open pipe detains absentee voter count in Georgia. Broken drainage has unhurried the myriad of absentee mail voters in Georgia. 

Absentee vote counting was detained in Georgia’s famous county by four hours after water split open that flooded at the State Farm Arena provision. 

None of the voters were harmed as per the report of election officials. Ralph Jones- A Fulton County elections administrative shared summary on votes.The AJC that the county has studied about the gathered number around 86,191 of the total voters. However, this keeps out the absentee voters that reached.

An election board member stated that he does not think the county will be able to note the last outcome until Friday. 

Georgia is a crucial state. So that President Trump succeeds in 2016. The situation demands to hold in the recent election to win the election accordingly. The state has dragged to the left in recent times. Also, the record displayed by them. 

The state is the most in the country to get both Senate seats up to seize this cycle. Furthermore, increasing the stakes. 

As we check the papers, the broken drainage appeared in a parade center at State Farm Arena. There was trouble in a drainage that broke in the room. The voters were there in that room. Lastly, kindness that none of these voters were harmed. The update had declared by the county election official. 

The last straw will come out what we would assume. Shared to media by members of an election. More worker thinks Georgia’s profile may not be in. 

The voters in the room that were flooded getaway harm because of the slant of the floor as per one of the officials.