Biden’s thrilling past on Afghanistan have some marvel on how he handles the leftover troops in the area. 

President Trump declares plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan as well as Iraq has been met with common reactions with some Republicans urging back on the trick. However, President-elect Joe Biden has been silent. 

Biden’s mum on troops in Afghanistan as we as Iraq have numerous wondering how he will handle the troops that have left in the other countries after he sits in the office. In a 2012 tweet at times giving as VP throughout the Obama management as he stated that U.S. troops would out be Afghanistan in 2014. However, that goal was not an encounter. 


In the year 1991’s war, Biden voted opposite Iraq. At that time President was George H.W. Bush. After a decade throughout the attacks on 11th September 2001. As we talk about Delaware the Democratic senator appears for the ballot in unanimous consent. After that, he gave hand sending troops to Iraq in 2003. A choice he likely wrestles with within the years following. It knew as errors.