The Good Doctor and the challenges of Season 4 moving past COVID

The Good Doctor was the first medical drama from a big network to return after the lockdown. The ABC hit started with episodes about the COVID-19 pandemic. The first two episodes dealt with the pressures, desperation, and heartbreak of the pandemic and the death of one of their own but Episode 3 moved on from it. Producer Shawn Williamson sat down with CinemaBlend to have a conversation about the trials of moving past the pandemic on TV.

The fictional world and real world are a little different because the show might have moved on from the era of masks and social distancing but the actual cast and crew are very much required to follow pandemic protocols while filming.

Williamson said,”Yes, obviously, because everyone’s looking for more safe. And there is additional stress today, because everybody is worried with getting the herpes virus. So we have been, you realize, we’re working under different security protocols than ‘normal times’. Because we’re consistently an extremely stable business generally, or we work hard to be somewhat safe, andyou also know, alert to keeping everyone safe and comfortable in the workplace.

Throughout COVID, it’s tougher with everyone working and shooting together with goggles and masks along with distinct objects, to do the job together with the routing protocol. So it does add extra stress”.

The show has been careful to alert viewers to the fact that all events are fictional and star Freddie Highmore stated at the beginning of the latest episode that it was meant to portray hope for the future and that people should still be careful to protect themselves in real life.

The Good Doctor, like many other shows, faced delays in returning to the screen and had to take substantial steps to guarantee everyone’s safety. This has led to challenges in the production stages. Williamson explained how the process was long and they needed to be extra careful, working with the government according to their safety guidelines.

The latest season had to be filmed keeping in mind the safety of both the returning cast and crew and the new members. The already existing residents had to become mentors to first-year students. And the casting process couldn’t happen in person.

Fans are lucky that the show handled all its difficulties with efficiency and is back on our TV screens! The Good Doctor airs on ABC on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET

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