Despite Facing Controversies, Cutie On Netflix May End Up In The list Of Oscar

Watching Oscar in the holiday season by the end of the year along with Academy and critics award is great honor for the artists. But this time in 2021, the Oscar will see a bit delay as the Academy has decided that we will be able to see the glimpse of Oscar in 2021, in the month of February. We have just received the news that Netflix’s Cuties has featured in the list of Oscar this time decided by France.

Maïmouna Doucouré’s film Cuties had hit the headlines in September, just after Netflix has marketed it for the French film. After some viral backlash, the poster was changed on the film website by Netflix, while issuing an apology to the film director along with the public as they were unaware that Netflix has made some changes in the poster. The incident led to a petition that demanded Netflix to remove the film and cancel its subscription from the streaming service.

Despite Facing Controversies, Cutie On Netflix May End Up In The list Of Oscar

Prior to Netflix, Cuties was welcomed by the Sundance, where Tessa Thompson had staunchly defended the movie in the middle of the outrage. Even Rotten Tomatoes has rated the movie by 87% in January. Before the subscribers even had the chance to see movie on Netflix in September, Doucouré started receiving death threats.

The Cutie was selected by France, despite of the competition from several other movies worldwide. The movie will also feature for the best International Feature Category. However, Gold Derby, the Oscar prediction site does not have Cutie on its radar for now, the leading contender category is filled with the movies of Israel, Czech Republic, Japan, Russia, Iran, Romania, etc. Cutie has low chances of winning the Oscar with the contribution to the bad press.

You can stream Cutie on Netflix.

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