Cashless society in PH gains ground; GCash, PayMaya roll out new payment scheme

By on August 23, 2017
Cashless society in PH gains ground; GCash, PayMaya roll out new payment scheme Image Credit: flyerwerk

The drive for a cashless society in the Philippines is gaining ground by the day, with PayMaya recently rolling out mobile point-of-sale (POS) terminals in over 350 partner food parks, stalls, and lifestyle destinations.

The POS terminals are PayMaya’s latest push for a cashless transaction in which buyers would only need to swipe their cards to pay for goods. Those who have a Mastercard, Visa prepaid, debit, or a credit card can utilize PayMaya’s new payment scheme.

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Orlando B. Vea, PayMaya Philippines President, expressed excitement over the growth of the company’s partnership with business owners for their mobile payments services.

“We’re partnering with as many communities as we can, including SmartSpots merchant establishments. For cashless technologies to work, it’s important to build the ecosystem so we can drive critical volume,” he said.

PayMaya app subscribers can expect ease of use and fewer errors when utilizing its cashless transactions, most especially with its Scan-to-Pay payment system, available at several SmartSpot locations. Rolled out last May, the Scan-to-Pay system equipped partner businesses with quantitative restrictions (QR) code-enabled mobile-payment system.

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The QR code is not new in the Philippines. Several applications have already been implemented using it.

What is groundbreaking, however, with PayMaya’s Scan-to-Pay is that the QR code is integrated with the capability to pay for goods. This benefits both the seller and the consumer.

By going to a designated SmartSpot, which could be a food park, stall, or anything as long as the location has a given QR code, customers can already pay for transactions by just tapping the app’s scan button and letting the phone camera face the code. Payments are automatically made after the scan gets completed.

For business owners, all they have to do is just display the QR code at their store and they can start receiving payments with or without a point-of-sale terminal.

Of course, a cashless transaction needs internet connection. And PayMaya has already set the environment for it by making Smart Wi-Fi access available at SmartSpot locations.

“PayMaya fully complements our SmartSpots areas as payments complete the circle of the digital life already enabled by the speed of Smart Wi-fi access and commerce. We’re making people experience cashless transactions like never before,” Smart Communications Inc. Assistant Vice President Gabby Cui said.

Earlier this month, GCash also launched their cashless payment system called GoPay, which has a concept somewhat similar to PayMaya’s Scan-to-Pay.

Using the GCash App, GoPay subscribers just need to scan QR codes displayed by business establishments.

Consumers will also need to top up their GCash wallet in order to pay for goods. Merchants, on other hand, can start receiving payments by linking their GCash wallet to a QR code.

While PayMaya’s Scan-to-Pay is available at food parks and other stalls, Globe wants GoPay used by all types of business owners regardless of their trade, even by a fishball vendor.

“We plan to extend this service from all types of retailers nationwide down to our favorite fishball vendor,” said John Rubio CEO and President of Mynt, a subsidiary of Globe Telecom dedicated to developing payments solutions using GCash.

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