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‘Battle Chef Brigade’ comes out next week with a lot of promises


Trinket Studio, the company behind “Battle Chef Brigade,” is new to the gaming industry. As a relatively small company, they will have to prove a lot with their first game in “Battle Chef Brigade.” With the trailer being released just a few days ago, it looks like players will be able to expect numerous things from it.

The game, at least according to the its official trailer, revolves around a woman, Mina, who ran away from home to pursue her dream of being a chef. It does not show much how she makes it through landing her job as a chef and why she ran away but this is quite understandable since people will just have to play the game to find out. It is no ordinary cooking game, however, because players will have to be battling animals and beasts to assumably get the ingredients she needs.

Halfway through the trailer, it also seems like players will be making their way through the game by winning cooking competitions.


The video only lasted for a minute so it was not able to show a lot. But it did reveal most of the important gameplay aspects we can expect from it. That said, it may be quite similar to “Monster Hunter” having to beat beasts for ingredients.

The game’s graphics itself is great and it resembles a lot like a flash game, only with better visuals given that it will be released for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, Trinket Studio’s other titles were made for mobile; so this may explain “Battle Chef Brigade’s” visual concept.

As for its storyline, there is not much to be said about it. While the trailer did present the situation Mina, and thus the player, find herself in, it did not tell anything about the goal of the game, except to probably win cooking competitions. Others also mentioned how there is too little gameplay on the video.

Nevertheless, it does add its own uniqueness to it. On one hand, it offers an adventure that brings players to the different wilds having to slay beasts to get what they need. On another hand, the cooking itself is another challenge, having to play a sort-of mini game of matching three colors.

At this point, some may find it more exciting to actually just slay the beasts. Players will just have to find out when they get the game which would not take that long.

“Battle Chef Brigade” will be released on Nov. 20, Monday for the Nintendo Switch.


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