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Apple iPhone 8 event scheduled for September 12 – report

Apple iPhone 8 event scheduled for September 12

The world may be split between Android and iOS, but there is no denying that the general population has their eyes set on Apple’s anniversary handheld. The iPhone 8 is scheduled for release this year and the event date may have just been announced.

The much awaited date

Apple is reportedly holding its annual launch event on Sept. 12, as reported by Business Insider. But while the date is going around the rumor mill, official invitations have not been sent out by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Nevertheless, as many as three iPhone 8 units are expected to be part of the announcement.

The highly anticipated handhelds


With the controversial release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple is expected to be coming out of their September event with all guns blazing. That is, that the 10th anniversary iPhone will have several new innovations.

Aesthetically, the biggest rumor that is being spread around is that the premium model of the iPhone 8 will have an OLED screen that covers nearly the entire front of the phone. It is also estimated that the home button will no longer be visible – a feature that is likely to come as the physically button was dropped with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

These changes alone are expected to cost a pretty penny. So while there is no official price on the iPhone 8 yet, it is expected to cost some US$999 (Php51,000).

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There is less word on the two other iPhone 8 models, but these units are likely to more resemble the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As such, the price will also be a little more affordable. Chances are that Apple will release a non-OLED version to give customers a cheaper alternative.

The less talked about device

While the iPhone 8 will definitely be the star at Apple’s launch event, several analysts believe that the night will also be used to launch other devices. A new model of the Apple Watch is expected to be announced as well.

This updated Apple Watch is likely to have a cellular connection feature that might not need to be connected to an iPhone. This will definitely open the door for those looking in the wearables market and are eyeing the Cupertino giant’s products.

Moreover, the Apple TV is also expected to get a facelift. With this, the streaming device is likely to be able to display content in super high-definition. Of course, this feature will only be available for those who already own a 4K television set.

A bright future ahead

It is no secret that Apple has been suffering from declining iPhone sales in the past few years. And while the company has its other devices to push, the handheld is definitely its bread and butter. Apple knows that it needs to deliver with the iPhone 8 and it seems they are not looking to disappoint the public.

A redesigned smartphone might just be what the company needs. So expect a lot from the upcoming iPhone 8, which might just be enough to widen Apple’s consumer base.


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